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This paper will outline some key points of my strategic vision for our network security plan to protect our systems from cyber attack. There are three main areas that are most important for our network to remain secure and operational. First, we must have a sound management policy on how are network will be used and accessed. Our management policy should be understood by all and enforced. Second, we must have a plan for the utilization of antivirus software within our organization and those who access the network remotely. The odds of becoming a victim of cyber attack are now about 1 in 4 (Protect Yourself Online, 2008). That means many of our employees will be victims of such attacks. These attacks could happen while on the job using our computer network or off duty while using their home computers. Third, we need to ensure good backup procedures for our network servers and desktop computers. Backing up our systems is easy to do, and it will help prevent the loss of data and allow us to restore our system to a previously saved point if the need arises. The purpose of this paper is to convince you that it makes economic sense for us to subsidize the free distribution of antivirus software for home use by our employees as a major part of our network security plan.A computer software virus can spread from one computer to another in a variety of ways. Common transmission methods of viruses are networks, internet, or removable media. Most of our employees' home computers are linked to the internet for home use, and many of our employees send emails back and forth between work and home. In addition, some of our employees take their projects home with them on removable media devices which have relatively large storage capacity and are easy to use. Common computer viruses that can cause our network harm are macro viruses that are written in scripting languages used by Microsoft Word or Excel. The newer forms of viruses use cross-site scripting and are usually passed on from surfing the internet (Wikipedia, 2008). While we can limit the access to certain websites while our employees are at work, we cannot control what sites they visit on their home computers. More importantly, any viruses on their home computers might make their way into our system from emails or removable devices brought to work. Since most employees have access to our organization's network through a variety of means, it would be beneficial to provide our employees with antivirus software they can use at home.The National Computer Security Association estimates a typical virus attack costs an average of $8400 to correct, and a 1998 study on the use and effectiveness of antivirus software found that most organizations wait until they suffer a substantial attack before implementing serious antivirus policies and install virus scanning software. Of 118 respondents to the security survey, 69% reported at least one virus incident in the previous six months. (Post and Kagan, 1998). One of...

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