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Component 1c Essay

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Ann Yearsley’s romantic poem The Indifferent Shepherdess to Colin, involves many link to relationships, as does Christopher Marlowe’s play Doctor Faustus, however they both do in different ways. Yearsley’s poem is about romance and love. The swain called Colin has proposed to her and she has rejected because she knows acceptance will relegate her to a more subordinate status. She also wants Colin to be embarrassed because seduction would rob her of her independence.
The first relationship to notice is between Faustus and his student Wagner who represents someone who does not understand his master or what is happening to him. Wagner then tries to emulate Faustus in many things and tries to ...view middle of the document...

’ This shows that his relationship with Lucifer is strong and Mephistopheles is loyal and faithful to him, which makes the reader doubt, how much we can trust this character. We also see Mephistopheles controlling ways come out towards the end of the play where we see that he has wanted Faustus damned throughout the play, and that his motives have not always been as true as they seem. This again shows the fact that he doesn’t want to be controlled and like to think he is in control. We see a similar sort of thing happen in the poem, where towards the end we see the girl take an even stronger position of control ‘All fettered fancy fields, Be, Colin, ever thine.’ As stated earlier, this is due to her ‘liberty’ being saved and her not wanting to be owned.
Mephistopheles is a source of never ending delight for Faustus by sending him to different destinations such as Rome, and even tells him about the creation of the Earth, however won’t tell him who made it, ‘And move me not, for I will not tell thee.’ This again shows his commitment to Lucifer and how he will not give away information, which he shouldn’t, but also how much he appears to care about Faustus, which shows, at this point, they have a strong relationship. A similar sort of thing happens in Yearsley’s poem, where she takes Colin up to the ‘mountains brew’ and try’s to ‘prize the soul’ because she cares about him and he cares about her. This is contrasting to Faustus because Faustus sell’s his soul to the devil because he wants magic, where as in the Yearsley’s poem, she wants to improve his soul and almost make him something she wants Colin to be. Another comparison with Faustus...

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