Component Interface For An Emergency Control Room

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The hospital needs to find a way to improve the tracking of Voice Over IP (VOIP) calls within the hospital and also wants to have a program to improve response time of medical personnel by using the GPS to locate the closes vehicle to the emergency. A design will need to be made of the Requires and Provides interfaces of two components that might be used in the VOIP system. A design of the interface is needed for two components that may be used in the vehicle discovery component to find the nearest vehicle to the incident with the Requires and Provides interfaces.
According to Sommerville (2011), the Provides interface are services provided by the component, where the Requires interface specifies what services are needed by the other components in the system to operate correctly, (p. 457). The hospital wants to improve the tracking of VOIP calls which are made within the hospital system. The emergency control room will have a system for the call-logging component which will record the calls made. The first component would be for tracking the phone calls. The Require interface can be the caller id service which feeds into the component. With the caller id service, the Provides interface will be to see the phone number calling to, the phone number calling from, the time of the call, the length of the call, and a log file to see all the calls place from a phone or all phones. To track the calls the management is going to wait to see the phones numbers of the internal calls are from and to. Management is going to also want to see the time of the call and how long the call lasted. If management believe employees are spending too much time on the phone talking and doing it more often than needed, management can pull a log of those two phones and they can view a the details of the calls. Management can use the log to pull just one phone extension to see how many calls are made to and from in a month and how long the conversations are. The log will include the information of the phone numbers from and to, the time and date of the call and how long the call was. The log will include an auto-number next to each call. This auto number can be used as identifying number to associate the call information with the recording in the second component. Since this number is auto assigned by the system, it will be unique number created for each call. The database creating the log can sort and display all the auto-numbers by line. The management also asked for the ability to record the calls that are made. In the second component, the Require interface is the recorder, a service to record, play, store, and delete the recorded phone calls for the provide interface. The auto-number from the first component will be associated with the recording. This make it easier for management to locate the call by entering and searching by the auto-number from the log. Along with recording the call, management will need the ability to store the recording to a media such as a tape...

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