Components That Can Make Up A Person´S Attitude

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There are many thoughts that goes through peoples minds and those thoughts later determine ones mines set on wither one will fail or one will succedd in life as well as in school. The way a person behaves has a positive or negative effect on their behave and there environment. There have been many theories on why ones attitude can change and be formatted. One theory that has been giving is observation learning. Social Psychology, defines observational leaning as “basic form of learning in which individuals acquire new forms of behavior as result of observing other.” When a person is observation learning they tend to form a new attitude.
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Social influence can always affect a persons view because of what is surrounding them. The attitude that people have will be influences throughout their every day lives and it makes a person look at their action and the people that surround them to cause them to have certain actions. The only way things will change is when a persons mind does, a person must learn beyond what they see. A person’s attitude can always have a big impact on how they behave but that is not the only thing it creates. Just as much as behavior can affect your attitude formation it also can change an attitude.
Jim Crow was a big era during the later 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was based on beliefs that whites remained superior over blacks in every way possible. Whites also believes they were smarting then African Americans during that time as well. Whites would not see African Americans equal to them, which made the African American community fight even harder. African Americans wanted to fight for interracial unions with white but the whites did not want to accept it. They would do anything to keep African Americans away even if they had to use violence and make sure that African Americans would stay on the bottom of the racial pole.
During the Jim Crow era many decision were being made by the U.S. Supreme Court, one of those decision was Plessey v. Fergusson. That decision was based on “separate but equal,” arguing the Fourteenth Amendment “could not have been intended to abolish distinctions based upon color, or to enforce social, as distinguished form political equality, or commingling of the two race upon terms unsatisfactory to either.” Brown v. Board of Education saying, “Separate education faculties are inherently unequal”, which later was abolished. That decision help challenge racial inequality.
African Americans fought so hard during the Jim Crow Era and wanted to gain back what was rightfully there’s. One way they started to rebuild back the African American community was helping the education system and help young African Americans to become leaders. African American wanted to instill pride in there young people even thought the school system was still segregated. Everyone in the African American community would help each person out anyway they could. Even the NAACP stepped in and helped the African American community have life again. So many organizations from all over reached out to uplift a community that once was down. They were giving African Americans what they have been longing for freedom.
Even though the Jim Crow Laws were in place there were still some disadvantages with the African American community and they still had to fight for civil rights. People all over the south were fighting for educational inequality. Smith v. Allwright ended white voting only; it now allowed African Americans to become register voters. When the decision of Brown v. Board of Education was final, it allowed public schools to be integrated and putting the...

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