Compost, The Key To The Future

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In a recent article Aspen Institute stated that 50% of the food that humans produce is wasted (“Aspen Institute” para. 1). This is a huge percentage that has affected vast populations. Imagine what people would be able to do with that amount of food. The question is how are we able to solve this kind of problem if it is such a major percentage? There are many answers to this question but one of the best ways people are helping to end food waste is by using compost. Compost is a key to the future and with it many new innovations are made and the world is a better place (“Scientific American” para. 2).
Composting is a unique idea in which organic material goes through the natural process of decomposition and turns into rich soil known as compost. The compost is used as a soil for different purposes. Food waste could be used to create the compost (“University of Florida” para. 2). Many people continue to deposit things into the trash by doing this compost is being supplied to nature. However, not everything thrown away can be converted into compost because many of the deposited materials are non-organic materials. This includes things made from plastic and metals. However, materials such as vegetables and fruits are converted into compost because these types of foods are organic materials (“University of Florida” para. 3). Food waste is an important component of compost because it contains the moisture that the soil needs. Food waste has a low content structure and food waste is mixed with fresh food that absorbs the excess moisture and adds content to the food waste. Food waste that is thrown out before anyone has used it comes from an excess supply of food. This kind of food waste is easier to turn into compost because most of it is already separated into organic materials. Food waste that is thrown out after people have either used or touched it comes from households that have leftovers on their plates (“University of Florida” para. 5). This type of food waste is a lot harder to separate and convert into compost because it is mixed together with materials that are not organic (“University of Florida” para. 4) Compost can serve many valuable purposes not only in the environment but in the way we live.
Compost has many beneficial attributes and this is what allows people to continue to produce it. The rich soil helps with water conservation and groundwater quality in the environment (“University of Florida” para. 5). Additionally, the use of compost decreases the use for pesticides and fertilizers, which sometimes do not help the environment overall (“Scientific American” para. 1). In agriculture the compost helps restore poor soils with the exchange...

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