How Media Affects Self Image Essay

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Teenage and college women are overly obsessing about their body images and constantly think that they need to be much skinnier, when they are not even fat. Many women today have the wrong idea of what the perfect body is, since there is no such thing as a perfect body. Every person is different and there can be no “perfect”. Being skinny is not the thing to strive for, but rather being healthy is. In this decade, women are constantly looking at models, T.V. shows and Instagram photos of girls that are stick-thin, or just very skinny, and they think that this is the way we as women in society must look. The problem is by excessively looking at these photos or T.V. shows, women become self-conscious, obsessive, unhealthy and simply unhappy. Sometimes it is just impossible to get to the same place as the famous people we see on the Internet or television. So many people have this perfect picture in their minds of how they should look or how things are supposed to be and that is why they end up being disappointed.
As people of a culture and a community, we need to step away from the Internet, and television shows that promote being very skinny, and make people aware that beauty is found in people no matter what size they wear. Once we stop constantly checking television, magazines, the Internet for inspiration from models and women who hardly ever eat, women can begin to feel happy about the way they look personally. The better solution would be to look at T.V. shows and the Internet for healthy living inspiration. Obsessing is not that way to lose weight either, in order to stay happy there must be a balance, between eating right and staying fit. There never needs to be a constant comparison. Listen ladies, stop comparing and start loving you!
One of the biggest problems out there today dealing with teenage and college women is the drive to be skinny along with the obsessing over body image, due to the media. Our weight is not an automatic reflection of our health, or our desirability, or our happiness, yet so many girls think that they need to be 110 pounds, just like the women that they see in the media. Someone’s weight should not really mean that much, because in reality, its being healthy that matters. Especially when girls are starving themselves and constantly worrying over two extra pounds or a little bit of cellulite on their upper thighs. It seems as though, some people think it is the right thing to urge and encourage, women to stand in front of the mirror, pinching little pieces of skin and wonder how she can become a better person by weighing a few ounces less. This needs to be stopped. The blogs, the Tumblrs, the television shows and the magazines. All of it, we need to step away.
The worst part about all of the media we face is that, the female body type that most frequently shows up in advertising as "ideal" is actually only possessed by 5 percent of American women (Franco, 1). The images and people that teenage and college...

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