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Comprehension In Early Literacy Essay

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Comprehension is one of the most important components when it comes to reading no matter what age. As much as it is important for children to understand the words they are reading they should also be able to understand what they are reading. Reading comprehension is something many students have trouble with throughout their school years, and this can possibly lead them to discouragement and disliking reading all together. Reading is used for every subject and a skill and asset we will need for the rest of our lives so it is important that children enjoy and want to read. A question concerning comprehension is do the students know what comprehension is, this is something that should be explained to the students clearly so they understand what it is expected of them.
Over the past decade there have been many changes to the way teachers have taught comprehension to students. Back in 1998 it was believed by teachers that the more students read the better they would be able to comprehend, at the time there were not any effective way teachers were able to teach students comprehension. Research has become influential in the changes of how teachers have been teaching students reading comprehension (Morrow, Gambrell & Pressley, 2003, p. 112). There are many different types of methods for reading comprehension that can be taught to students effectively and it is important as educators that we try to use many of these different methods so our students will be able to understand what they are reading and it will hopefully encourage our students to enjoy and want to read but this should start as soon as students begin to read.
According to Best Literature “good readers are very active and strategic as they read” (Morrow, Gambrell & Pressley, 2003,p. 114). Students who are good readers are able to comprehend what they read compared to students who have difficulty reading because they are always thinking while reading. Comprehension can be a problem for students for a couple different reasons; the students may have trouble decoding what they read, students may not be able to make connections of what they already know and relating it to what they are reading and students may not understand the vocabulary of the story. Decoding words in a story can be very challenging and difficult for students to do while reading; it then becomes difficult for the student to comprehend what they are reading because they are putting all of their effort into reading and sounding out the word and not what the words are explaining. The authors of Best Practices (2003: 113) explain what is like for students who have difficulty decoding words…
When young readers are sounding out words, they have to devote a lot of mental effort to the activity. There is little mental capacity left over for comprehending either the individual word that is being sounded out or other words in the text. Even more important, when fluency is developed through instruction and practice, ...

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