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Comprehensive Marketing Plan For The Cheeky Monkey Brew Pub (Full Marketing Plan For A Fictitious Pub)

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I Company DescriptionThe Cheeky Monkey is a locally owned Brew Pub specializing in serving the finest artisan craft beers along with authentic pub food and a full menu of specialty foods and traditional cuisine in the dining room. Located in a converted 19th century factory in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, the main bar area is located on the first floor of the 2800 square foot location, with the dining room located upstairs. In addition to a full bar, the Cheeky Monkey has # beers on tap, all brewed on site, in the basement microbrew. The beers are brewed fresh from local ingredients, with barley and hops being brought in from nearby Lancaster County. There is a wide variety of flavors, sure to satisfy the most discriminating of pallets. The craft beers offered range from a light pilsner to an extra dark stout with everything in between offered as well.The Cheeky Monkey is a joint venture between three Philadelphia natives. Mr. Ryan Barlow, the primary investor, has a background in real estate working as a senior partner for Preferred Real Estate in center city. Mr. Jason Stanton, the brew master, Stanton is a one time head brewer for Samuel Adams and has also previously worked for Coors Brewing Company. Ms. Lisa Kaplan, formerly of the Berghoffs restaurant in Chicago is the head chef. The three have a combined 35 years of experience in their respective fields. Kaplan and Stanton had worked together previously at a restaurant in Los Angeles several years ago and were introduced to Barlow through a mutual friend and decided to go into business together. After examining market options around the country, the three realized they wanted to return to their native Philadelphia. The "cool and hip" (Sheftell, 2007) neighborhood of Northern Liberties was perfect for a new brew pub and in 2007 the Cheeky Monkey opened it's doors for business.II Business MissionThe Cheeky Monkey will redefine the brewpub experience for its customers. Providing the highest quality craft beers, and the finest food prepared from fresh, local, seasonally available ingredients, the Cheeky Monkey also holds its servers to the highest industry standard. The atmosphere of The Cheeky Monkey is hip and low key, allowing people to enjoy the quality food and beer in an upscale yet unpretentious environment, in the heart of one of the most bohemian sections of the city.III Marketing ObjectivesThe marketing objective is to establish The Cheeky Monkey as the premier brew pub in the Philadelphia region. The brew pub market is well established within the region, and to reach this objective a focus on quality and accessibility will be needed. Customers must recognize the superiority of our beers, as well the extraordinary quality of the food offered. The location is conducive to this goal and the interior has been built to support it as well. Reasonable prices and a casual atmosphere, as well as policy of 'no reservations' in the dining area will help to keep the Cheeky...

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