Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Essay

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Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
A mission and vision statement is important in order for an educator to remain focused on what one will like to accomplish within the classroom. Without a mission and vision statement one will have a harder time accomplishing their personal goals as well as their goals for the students.
A teacher’s mission is to help each student reach their full potential in education and life skills. A teacher’s job is to discover how each student learns and teach in a way that each student is able to understand. With the use of technology one will be able to determine how each child is learning and use the information to make a difference with every child. The use of hand held devices will help to understand if each student is grasping the material. Teachers will include parents in the learning process of the students. Incorporating e-mails, links to web pages, and text messaging in order to communicate to parents what is being discussed in class. As an educator one will be available and encourage students and parents to ask questions on how to better understand the material being taught in class. The classroom will be an environment that promotes learning and welcomes questions. The classroom will be a place of discovery and provide new ways to deliver a lesson plan.

Technology in the classroom is more important today than ever before. Today’s children live in a society where just about every child has access to the internet, text messaging and cell phones. Cell phone ownership in children between the ages of 4 to 14 doubled during 2005 and 2008 (Bers, Kazakoff, 2012). In order to hold the current generation’s attention one must stimulate their interests by allowing them to use their technological devices as learning tools. Technology not only keeps students motivated but it allows students to learn and enables them to complete tasks efficiently and effectively (An, Reigeluth, 2011). Incorporating technology into every aspect of the core curriculum allows students to become comfortable with the new technology as well. This allows the students to be competitive in the global job market. In order for graduating students to get a high paying job they must have the ability to use and understand technology (Nelson, Post, Bickel, 2003).
Section Two: Communications Plan
Communicating effectively with parents and students is important in order to be successful at teaching. Studies have shown that parental involvement in a student’s education allows for greater success in the classroom (Duarte, G, Cerda-Perez, E & Rosenberg, G 2007). Technology is beneficial in communicating with students and parents. The use of technology allows for students and parents to have access to current lesson plans as well as access to the teacher after normal school hours. This opens up doorways for the student or parent to ask questions about assignments and class discussions. The uses of classroom...

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