Comprehensive Sexual Education Or Bust Essay

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In the united states, there are two schools of thought when it comes to educating students on human sexuality. Sexual education is a broad term that applies to the teaching to information from basic contraceptive use, biological reproduction, the spread of infectious disease, and sexuality. One type of sexual education is referred to as Comprehensive Sexual Education. Comprehensive Sexual Education is curriculum rooted in health and life skills, that strives to teach students medically accurate information on healthy relationships, development, side effects and benefits of birth control methods, abstinence lifestyles, and how to avoid unwanted sexual advances. The other type of sexual education is referred to as Abstinence Only Education. In curriculum that teach abstinence, waiting for marriage, traditional family values, and the potential dangers of sexual contact are stressed. According to the Guttmacher Institute, across the nation only twenty two out of the fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia, require schools to teach any form of sexual health education. Nineteen of those twenty two states require a comprehensive sexual health curriculum. With only twenty two states requiring some form of formal sexual education, there are thirty five states that have legislation in case it is taught, encouraging parents to opt students out of classes in the name of religious liberty (“State Policys”). With this lack of unity in information, high teen birth rates, a sense of shame in sexual health, and muddying of education in the name of personal, religious preference, the united states is failing young people everywhere. Policy makers owe respect to future generations by mandating comprehensive, inclusive non-bias health education.
Comprehensive sexual health education centers around the idea that sex is a normal aspect of adult life, not a shameful act. By no means does CSE encourage students who are not previously having sex to begin having it (Advocates for Youth).A major component of Comprehensive Sexual Education is to prepare people for safe, comfortable decisions before they have even begun to consider these mature choices. By creating educated, informed and prepared teenagers, schools and parents are preventing possible harm. When learning about human sexuality, there is much more to be discussed than the use of condoms. In a survey from 2007, 51% of boys between the ages of eleven and fourteen believe that forced sex was acceptable if the man had spent a lot of money on the woman. Many of the boys did not recognize that forced sex was in fact rape. In the same survey 79% of girls think that women are obligated to have sex with men they are married to. Many young women still believe that the use of a tampon will render her sexually impure ,a myth that is comparable to the Victorian idea that a woman's menstrual blood could poison a man and spoil canned foods. With children entering puberty earlier than ever,...

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