Comprehensive Reality Based Sexuality Education Essay

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Comprehensive Reality-Based Sexuality Education

What is comprehensive, reality-based sexuality education?

True comprehensive, reality-based sexuality education seeks to assist young people in
understanding a positive view of sexuality, provide them with information and skills about
taking care of their sexual health, and help them acquire skills to make decisions now and in
the future.

Ideally, sexuality education is taught in ways that are age- and experience-appropriate in
kindergarten through 12th grade. It is taught by trained teachers who teach about: sexual
development, reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body
image, and gender roles. The goal is to help young people grow into sexually healthy adults.

Being "sexually healthy" includes preventing the negative consequences of sexual intercourse,
and also includes a broad range of life-enhancing skills, such as assertiveness, effective
communication, critical thinking, decision-making, and the capacity to build relationships.

Comprehensive sexuality education doesn't happen in one place -- it involves parents,
educators, and other adults in the community. Planned Parenthood urges parents to be
involved in monitoring their children's school programs, and advocating for curricula they
want to have in their children's schools. We help parents to discuss sexuality appropriately
and accurately with their children in community-based programs for families.

We can't expect children to become sexually responsible if the adults in their lives are
uninformed about sex or uncomfortable talking about it.

What are the values of comprehensive sexuality education?

Among the values inherent in reality-based sexuality education are personal responsibility,
respect for oneself and others, and the value of emotionally supportive relationships.

The following list of values concerning sexuality was developed by the National Guidelines
Task Force:

Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living.

All persons are sexual.
Every person has dignity and self worth.
Individuals express their sexuality in varied ways.
In a...

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