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Inclusive schooling is known as classrooms where all students, regardless of abilities and disabilities, learn in the same contexts. In Canada, inclusive schooling is slowly becoming more popular in the school system. People are beginning to realize the benefits to it, and are accepting the change in a more positive way. However, some people still view inclusive classrooms as difficult environments because of the lack of initial teacher preparation. It is important for the needs of teacher preparation for inclusive schooling to be recognized and improved in order to increase the likelihood of schools participating in an inclusive classroom setting. By having an inclusive school, it allows for all students to be taught on an equal level, which will decrease boundaries between people with abilities and disabilities, and amount to a more positive school environment.
The first article addressing the topic of inclusive schooling in Canada is titled “Canadian Teachers’ Associations and the Inclusive Movement for Students with Special Needs”, which focuses on the teachers’ emotions towards inclusive schooling. The article talks about the movement towards a more positive view on inclusive schooling in Canada over three generations. The first movement started in 1982 when the Canadian Teachers’ Federation first gave consideration to including students with special needs, but by the end of the 1980s a lot of frustration was being voiced from teachers from different provinces. The teachers felt that they had inadequate resources to properly teach classrooms that included students with special needs. The teachers said that there might be “negative social and/or academic consequences for typically developing students” (Winzer & Mazurek, 2011, p 8). There is a possibility of negative impacts because the teachers would have to choose whether to attend to the needs of one unique student, or to serve the entire group of students. In 2004, it was stated by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation that “inclusion was not always the best or only response to the needs of challenged children: the impact on the learning of other students in the classroom must always be considered and addressed” (Winzer & Mazurek, 2011, p 9). Currently, the Canadian teachers’ associations speak in favour to the movement towards inclusion, but there still seems to be concerns about the preparation given to teachers.
After reading this article, I was able to agree with a lot of the information that was presented. I went to a high school that had some inclusive classrooms and I felt that a lot of the time there was not enough support and/or resources for the teachers to be able to properly manage their classroom. The teachers would struggle when it came to trying to find time to accommodate activities for the students with disabilities, and finding time to manage the rest of the students in the classroom. I can also related to these situations because being a swimming instructor I...

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