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Comprehensive Structure And Process Of Human Resource Planning

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Table of Contents

Term of Reference

Executive Summary

Company profile

„P     Nature of Recruitment
„P     Objectives of recruitment
„P     Job vacancies
„P     Recruitment Methods

„P     Selection Criteria
„P     Selection methods
„P     Evaluation of the selection process

„P     Nature of Retention
„P     Turnover analysis
„P     Retention strategies

„P     Nature of reward
„P     Objectives of the reward system
„P     Reward determination
„P     Types of reward system
„P     Performance Management

Training and Development
„P     Nature of Training and development
„P     Objective of Training and Development
„P     Training and Development process
„P     The role of training and development


Reference and Bibliography

Term of Reference
The purpose of this report is to provide comprehensive structure and process of human resource planning to Widgets Unlimited's Director, which the content of this report will include the section of employing new staffs, and the section of developing original staffs. This report is provided by the senior manager of human resource management department to the managing director of Widgets Unlimited, which to provide new human resource strategy for the incoming year. This report includes academic study as well as empirical research on the market, which will provide the strategies on the academic foundation, but analyzing in practical ways.

Executive Summary
Human Resources Management (HRM) is that branch of management that deals with managing one of the resources of the organization-Human Resources. Institute of Personnel and Development defines human resource management as:

"Recruiting and selecting people, training and developing them for their work, ensuring that payment and conditions of employment are appropriate, where necessary negotiating such terms of employment with trade unions, advising on healthy and appropriate working conditions, the organization of people at work, and the encouragement of relations between management and work people."

This report is focus on explaining the process and steps of human resource planning, and analyzing the strength and weakness in each steps. This includes the recruitment and selection on the new employees, and further develops on retention of original staffs, rewards on the staffs, and the training and development for the staffs. It will further analyze the best fit strategies in each section for company in details, and the recommendation on each strategies.

This report will first analyze the company profile, with using SWTO (Strength, Weakness, Threat and Opportunities) analyze company¡¦s current situation. Further introduce the first step of human resource planning, Recruitment. With identifying the personnel required for the company and the process method. Follow by recommending appropriate selection method. In third section will analyze the purpose and...

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