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Compressed Air Cars: Cleaner Than Fueled Cars

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There are only a hand-full of alternatives to petroleum(or diesel)fueled cars in the world. such as electric cars,solar cars,vegetable oil cars,and even cars powered by ‘fast-food’ grease. but there is another type of alternative fuel for cars that many people do not know about,or even heard about,or even thought that this very simple element,(which we use every single day,and use it to survive) could ever be considered as an alternative fuel for cars.This element which you are using right now, is air.

It seems like a brilliant,genius idea to use air,the most common simple substance in the world,as an alternative energy.So why do we not use it as one?well actually air has been used for this purpose back in the 19th century to power mine locomotives and trams used in paris(via a central city-level,compressed air energy distribution system),and was used for naval torpedo propulsion.But has compressed air energy ever been appllyed to automobiles?in 1903 it was.The liquid air company located in london england manufactured a number of compressed air and liquified air cars.The major problem with these cars and all all compressed air cars is the lack of torque produced by the “engines” and the cost of compressing the air. but recently several companies have started to develop compressed air cars,although none have been released to the public, or have been tested by third parties. but the real question is how do they work? Well the way a compressed-air vehicle works is that it is powered by an air engine,using compressed air,witch is stored in a tank.Instead of mixing the fuel with the air and making it burn in the engine to drive the pistons,(witch powers the engine)with expanding hot gasses,compressed air vehicles(CAV)use the expansion of compressed air to drive the piston.This technology called compressed air propulsion could also be infused with hybrid systems,like battery electric propulsion and fuel tanks to recharge the batteries. this kind of system is called “hybrid-pneumatic electric propulsion”(big word)but very efficient.Regenerative braking,witch is a way of saving energy from a car and converting it to kinetic energy and turning it into a storable form of energy.But to be able to use air as fuel in a car,don’t you think the car should have a special kind of engine to use the air and turn it into energy?Well this special kind of air engine would be a pneumatic actuator,witch creates energy by expanding compressed air.These “air engines” would almost be the same as regular diesel engines. they would still consist of a cylinder, a piston, and valves or ports.The piston is covered by a diaphragm,or seal,which keeps the air in the top portion of the cylinder,allowing air pressure to force the diaphragm downward,moving the piston underneath,which in turn moves the valve stem(which is a little rod thing spanning the inside and outside of the valve,to create motion to control the internal disc or rotor from outside the valve),which...

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