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Compromising Throughout Early 18th Century American History: A Layman's Perspective.

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"Compromise", a notion that has probably been with the human race since the stone ages; however on matters involving significant interests, for centuries- the divine right of kings, or wars arbitrated decisions. After the American Revolution, "compromise", for the first time started to be used as the primary method of resolving differences- including significant ones. The Missouri compromise along with the compromise of 1850 was to very if not the most influential and important compromises reached during the first half of the 18th century. Both these compromises clearly dealt with the issue of representation and were cleverly given the illusion of slavery.The institution of slavery had been a divisive issue in the United States for years before Missouri petitioned Congress for admission to the Union as a state in 1818. Since the Revolution, the country had grown from a mere 13 states to 22 and had managed to maintain a balance of power between slave and Free states. But when Missouri wanted to be admitted into the Union as a state they debate arose as to weather admit it was a free state or as a slave state. Even though Missouri had a large slave population the north wanted Missouri to be a free state because they wanted a favorable representation while the south wanted the opposite also for favorable representation and increased profit since the south's revenue was due to slaves. The debate went on for years until Maine petitioned congress to be a state in 1820. A compromise had been reached; both states were admitted into the union, Maine as a Free State and Missouri as a slave state. Thus maintaining...

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