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Computational Flow And Shock Analysis Of De Laval Nozzle

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Computational Flow Analysis and Shock Analysis of
De Laval Nozzle
Varun Upadhyay
(Mechanical dept,)
Abhiraj Parmar
(Mechanical dept,)
Rohan Pandey
(Mechanical dept,)
Abstract- A nozzle is a device which converts pressure energy of fluid into the kinetic energy. A De Laval nozzle has
many practical applications like they are used in rockets,
intake manifolds etc. Analysis of a De Laval nozzle involves
computation of throat and exit diameters and also divergence
angle of diffuser. In this paper we have analytically
determined the diameters of throat and exit and determined
divergence angle with CFD performed in Fluent. Also we
have done the shock analysis of the nozzle at different back
Index Term - De Laval Nozzle, Shock Analysis, CFD, Fluent.
1.1 Nozzle
Nozzle is a mechanical device designed to control the
direction or characteristics of a fluid flow. It is a specially
shaped tube through which hot gases flow. Nozzles are
frequently used to control the rate of flow, speed,
direction, mass, shape, and/or the pressure of the stream that
emerges from them. Nozzles come in a variety of shapes and
sizes depending on the mission of the aircraft. Simple turbojets,
and turboprops, often have a fixed geometry convergent
nozzle. Turbofan engines often employ a co-annular nozzle.
The core flow exits the center nozzle while the fan flow exits
the annular nozzle. Mixing of the two flows provides some
thrust enhancement and these nozzles also tend to be quieter
than convergent nozzles. Afterburning turbojets and
turbofans require a variable geometry convergent-divergent
- CD nozzle. In this nozzle, the flow first converges down
to the minimum area or throat, and then is expanded
through the divergent section to the exit at the right. The
variable geometry causes these nozzles to be heavier than a
fixed geometry nozzle, but variable geometry provides efficient
engine operation over a wider airflow range than a simple fixed
1.2 Types of nozzles:
1.2.1 High Velocity nozzle
In this nozzle the goal is to increase the kinetic energy of the
flowing medium at the expense of its pressure and internal

energy. These nozzles are converging-diverging nozzles in
which the fluid is accelerated to reach the high velocity. In
these the density of the gas changes due to change in
temperature and pressure, for very high gas speed the shape is
changed to convergent divergent. Figure 1.1 is showing the
diagram of high velocity nozzle where the outgoing velocity is
increased due to increase in area.
1.2.2 Propelling Nozzle
A jet exhaust produces a net thrust from the energy
obtained from combusting fuel which is added to the
inducted air. This hot air is passed through a high speed nozzle,
a propelling nozzle which enormously increases its kinetic...

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