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Computer Aided Design Essay

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Computer Aided Design
“Imagine being able to walk through your new home or office building, go into every room, try out different colors on the walls or make changes to the design – before it’s even built. It sounds pretty amazing, and it is. That is the world of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drafting.”
The average Computer Aided Design drafter makes 34 to 54,000 a year. Computer Aided Design, CAD for short is the use of a 2D or 3D computer program that helps manufacturers , engineers , architects , and any other drafter using it make projects such as houses , bridges , etc. CAD helps these people using it because it makes the drafting of houses or parks or any residential building so much ...view middle of the document...

When using CAD your measurements are always accurate your lines are always straight and its much quicker to use. Im not the only person that thinks so. Haresh Khenami claims that “CAD software is being used on a large scale basis by a number of engineering professionals and firms for various applications” ( On that page the author also talks about the advantages of CAD such as increasing the productivity of designers, increasing the speed in design and the most helpful one of all would be better communications. With better communications it makes the product easier to fix and design. Easy tools that make CAD actually fun to use. “Modeling with CAD systems offer a number of advantages over traditional drafting methods that use compasses rulers and squares”(Paragraph 4 When you model with CAD it makes manual drafting childs play. Manual drafting was useful when there was no technology. Architects had to use rulers, squares and pencils. When using CAD that is already built in. It has all these controls that you could use and they are easy to use. Deleting, saving rotating, offsetting, everything that you actually need to make a blueprint or any type of plans CAD makes that easy and possible. Some people could argue that CAD can’t make a house like manual drafting. But “CAD software can be used to design the structure of housing of control systems”(BBC.CO.UK paragraph 1). The author of this website also gives many advantages of using CAD. States that CAD can be more accurate that manual drafting which prevents human errors. Can also fix designs easier which save more time. Can also save and modify which makes it easier to fix while you go along. CAD advantages are infinite and very useful when being used. All in all these are the advantages of CAD.
Computer Aided Design can benefit Architects. CAD is being used on a large scale basis by construction companies and firms. But how does CAD benefit the engineers and architects? CAD is used a lot and spoken highly of but how does it really benefit the people using it? CAD being useful to the workers using it is very popular. “ CAD quickly moved up from its status of being desirable to becoming required in the field of Architect”( The author of this websites states some of his viewpoints on why CAD is so important to him and his company. The author explains how CAD offers multiple viewpoints to the user. One of the big benefits for the Architect when using CAD is giving him and his client the capability of creating a bridge between the architect and the client by giving the client the power to participate in the design process. So CAD gives the creator and the client the benefit of both of them being able to design the property exactly the way the client wants. Enabling the client to tour his property inside and out. Can fix every part of his property. Walkways,driveway , pools, decks and much more. CAD is beneficial to everybody. Azmeny Anzaini...

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