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A Computer Systems Analyst decides how data are collected, prepared for computers, processed, stored, and made available for users. ("Computer Systems" COIN 1) The main achievement as a systems analyst is to improve the efficiency or create a whole new computer system that proves to be more efficient for a contracting company. When on an assignment, the analyst must meet a deadline. While striving for a deadline, he must create and comprehend many sources of information for the presentation. He must review the systems capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations ("Systems Analyst" 44), to determine if certain parts of the system must be modified for a new program. First, a computer programmer writes a program that he thinks will be beneficial for a certain system. He incorporates all of what he thinks is necessary. But the hard part is when the programmer runs the program. 99% of the time the program will not work, thus not creating a profit for the company. Then the analyst looks at the program. It is now his job to get rid of all of the glitches that are present. He must go over every strand of the program until the program is perfect. When the analyst is finished "chopping up" the program, he must then follow a technical procedure of data collecting, much like that of a science lab. The Dictionary of Occupational Titles says he must plan and prepare technical reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals as documentation of program development. (44) When the presentation day is near, the analyst submits the proof. He must organize and relate the data to a workflow chart and many diagrams. More often than not, an idea is always to good to be true unless the proof is there. For this new program that will go into the system, detailed operations must be laid out for the presentation. Yet, when the system hits the market, the program must be as simple as possible. A computer systems analyst must always look for the most minute points whenever a program is be reviewed. Education and Training Many people think that this is the type of a job where you must really like the concept. This is true. Many people thing that you need a great prior experience to ever make it somewhere. This is true. Many people think that you need a Bachelors degree to at least star out somewhere. This is not true. Through research, it a known fact that you don't really have to go to college to ever make it. In this particular field, a college education would be helpful to impress the employer, but for a basic analyst job, the only proof really needed to go somewhere is the Quality Assurance Institute. This awards the designation Certified Quality Analyst (CQA) to those who meet education and experience requirements, pass an exam, and endorse a code of ethics. ("Computer Scientists" 95) Linda Williams found a technical analyst at the Toledo Hospital, who went to the Total Technical Institute near Cleveland and earned his CQA. (11 -13) However, college is the best bet and...

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