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Computer Assisted Language Learning Essay

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COMPUTER ASSISTEDLANGUAGE LEARNINGThe lower intermediate sample unit is "House and Home", a topic that is very common and useful in a community. Nowadays people would like to learn about topics that they can relate to and where they can utilize their language skills; as in their daily life settings. This sample unit offers vocabulary and grammar structure that learners can easily remember and be able to employ as a natural response. This paper will analyze each of part of the sample content unit. This evaluation is divided in four sections: communication skills, linguistic component, methodology and technical feature. Each section will be analyzed and rated in a number rating scale (1= ...view middle of the document...

The negative points about the reading, is that it could offer more information, go into depth about the topic. I think the content is very short and not much information is given, with such interesting topic, the reading text could be a little more extensive. The questions on the reading comprehension are very few, there needs to be more questions about the text and also it could ask students to write a paragraph about their thoughts and add other ideas about the topic.The listening skill is first presented with three dialogues about people describing their favorite room in the house, in which students have to match those dialogues with the correct description of the room these people are referring to. Then at the bottom part, there are some questions about the room descriptions; students could double check their answer by listening again to the dialogues. Also, there is a section called Takeaway English, where students listen to a conversation about a rental situation, and then work on the multiple choice questions as well as matching sentences; which students could double check their answers by listening to the conversation again. Another point that I observed in this sample unit is that, it offers students the opportunity to listen to the pronunciation and intonation of the vocabulary for that specific unit, giving students the exposure to the authentic English native pronunciation. Students are able to practice their listening and speaking skill with these recording as many times as they desire.I rated this skill with a 3 (average); the sound of all the dialogues is clear and comprehensible to the students; and the speed of the dialogues is accurate and proper for the level. It is observed that the grammar employed in all the dialogues is uncomplicated; it provides students with the opportunity to listen and familiarize their hearing ability to the English language; as result students get exposed and are able to enrich and increment their listening skills through repetitions and several practices that are done in class. There is another part where a phone conversation takes place, I think this is one good point because students can not only listen to the conversation but also watch it; students benefit from this type of listening practices because they get to listen to real life situation settings or circumstances, and also because as they watch the video they comprehend more the meaning of the dialogue by the facial expressions and body movements, which give real meaning to the topic. Another point to be considered as productive from this unit is that students get to listen to the vocabulary and practice their listening and speaking skills; it offers an authentic practice to their hearing. Students can practice listening to the words and be able to produce them without worrying about being observed or listened to, as they could access their lessons from home.One problem that I encounter is that the dialogues are not long enough, students...

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