Computer Hard Drive Mechanics Essay

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I'm sure, by now you have used a computer be it to play games or write a paper. But do you know how a computer works and runs all the programs you what it to? Well if not I will tell you.To begin with I will explain a little about the history about the computers history. About 50 years or maybe a little longer someone came up with the thought that all the boring stuff like math could be automated so humans would not have to do it all. Hence the computer, as to who exactly I could not tell you. That person than began to work with his Idea and figured out that if he could turn a machine on and off at a specified time for a specified time he could in a way alter what it could do.To turn it on and off he came up with a very interesting way, he used a sheet that looked almost like a scantron sheet but with holes and those holes where used to turn it on and off. The holes represented 1s and the noholes 0s. the 1s turned it on an the 0s turned it off.With this knowledge he began to make little programs that could solve math problems. I guess he must have gotten bored with the math or something because he came up with a way to let him play tic-tack toe with the computer, which by the way was the first came ever to be created on the computer. Now there is one more thing you have to know about this computer, the computer was half the size of West High Schools gym. And it was thought that when it was ecomoical for people to own there...

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1225 words - 5 pages . In the ninteen ninty's they are totally outdated becaus of the lack of space they have and the lack of speed.A CD:ROM can hold more information than both of them put together. CD:ROMs hold up to four hundred megabytes of information. That is about half of what an average hard drive holds up to today.A hard drive is what all the information you install in to your computer goes. Inside a hard drive it looks like large CD:ROM , but this one is

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813 words - 3 pages Memory, the working memory in a computer. As a computer runs programs and works with data, it uses RAM to store the program information. RAM is measured in megabytes (MB). More RAM allows a computer to run more complex programs and to do so faster. After the processor, RAM is the second biggest factor in overall system speed. When Microsoft Windows runs out of RAM to use for programs, it uses the hard drive as temporary storage for program

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This is an instructional essay on formatting your hard drive. There were a few graphics that were supposed to go with it. This is for a technical writing class, ENG120

1094 words - 4 pages the middle of working on something important. Taking your computer to the repair shop has you paying extremely high prices for a professional to take a look at the computer and fix even the smallest problem, which I personally think are a rip off for some of the things they do to a computer. Even when I had sent my computer in for repair, I received it back in worse condition that I had sent it in. I had sent it in with a busted hard drive and when

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1931 words - 8 pages and partially overwnitten spaces on the electronic media where important evidence may reside. When properly done, this will not alter the information on the original hard drive or electronic media. Once the forensic image has been made, a computer forensic expert can search for active data, recovered data, and unused space (violono). There are several additional steps to be followed to ensure that the electronic evidene is properly preserved

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1594 words - 6 pages they do not have to worry about their data being compromised on the Internet. The people that run the computer systems at corporations connected to the Internet usually make back-ups of all their files at least once a day. This back up copies all changeable data from the computer to a removable storage device such as a tape back-up drive. These back-ups are the only true way to ensure that you will not be missing anything in the future. If a

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3342 words - 13 pages SupplyWhat is it: The power supply is a box that sits in a corner inside the computer case. It has its own fan attached inside the box so that it does not over heat. What is its purpose: It supplies power to the computer and other electrical devices inside the computer. Such as the CR drive and the hard disk drive. How is it used in a computer: Everything inside the computer that needs power to work plugs into the power supply by small coloured

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1581 words - 6 pages UNIT – 2,1.The four major components of the motherboard are:A.BIOS;The BIOS (basic input / output system) is basically the "software" the computer uses, it is most basic operations (accessing memory, disks, processors, etc.). This "software" is built into the computer's motherboard, so do not worry about losing it if your hard drive crashes.Most BIOS setups allow you to configure hard drive parameters, set the time, type of floppy disk

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1438 words - 6 pages IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss component usage and component performance issues related to computer hardware. First I will explain what the media storage devices on a computer are and what their appropriate uses are. Next, I will discuss the roles in defining the speed/performance of the computer related to: RAM, clock speed of the CPU, retrieving data from the Hard Drive,retrieving data from a CD ROM and retrieving data from a floppy

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1255 words - 5 pages software will stop hackers from doing that. In fact, it will capture the location of the computer from which the hacker is trying to break into someone else's computer, and that person can then press charges against the hacker. The size of the hard drive is an important part of a person's computer because the more hard drive you have, the more data you can save on it. A message saying the disk is full, you have run out of space on your hard