Pc Computers Are Better Than Macintosh Computers On Average

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Macintosh VS. PCComputer technology is growing. Almost everyone has at least one computer in their home or office. Some may not know the difference between Macintosh and PC compatible and some believe one is better than the other. Sometimes you can distinguish people by the type of computer they own, being that choosing which computer to own is the same as choosing your car. A common generalization states that the PC computer outruns the Mac on many different circumstances; doing much more than the Mac will ever be able to do. This generalization comes from benchmarks of many professionals. Due to this known fact, about 90% of computers purchased by both consumers and producers are PC compatible.Many people like making their own decision on which brand computer they like to own in a certain category of computers. Unfortunately the Macintosh computer is only made by one company, Apple. They do not give the authority to another company to make a replica of any of their computer designs. This means that, no other company can create or invent a part used to build or upgrade the computer system. Some companies have the opportunity to make add on parts to upgrade, but never to replace an original. This is unsatisfactory being that in order to replace one part; you may only choose one company, Apple. If this company goes out of business, the computer is not worth a penny.Mac computers are more difficult to find parts for hardware wise and software wise due to the sufficient expandability it provides. Mac computers do not give expandability features to the consumer. For example, if one may want to add a secondary part internally or externally, they would not have the ability to. Since the computers are made so compact, there is no given spot or even any gaps between the components to add. Software is also very limited also. Unlike the PC, which has the different operating systems like: Windows Home and Professional, Unix, Linux, Novell, the Mac has only the OS operating system, again only made by Apple. Utilities, games, and tools for working are also very limited. Not many companies make software for the Mac, due to the limited sales of the Mac computer. For this...

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