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Computer Crime Essay

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A major part of the world today revolves around technology and cyberspace. Almost every day one will use a type of computer in some way, whether it is work related or if it is for personal use such as social networking. Another thing occurring on a daily basis is criminals committing either trivial or major crimes; so it is not hard to imagine that these two actions would start to syndicate into one. Cyber-crime is defined as “unauthorized use of a computer for personal gain” (, but the true depth of the definition is so much deeper. Anyone can be affected by cyber-crime, it can affect personal computer users all the way to massive corporations. There are many government ...view middle of the document...

Many other forms of cyber-crime exist, but knowing the significant corruptions can help prevent one from becoming a victim.
When one is browsing the internet, he or she should be aware of which types of websites are popular for cyber-crimes. Three of the main threats come from websites where things are purchased and sold, social media websites, and email websites. The first two mentioned involve a combination of crimes coming from unauthorized access to computer systems or networks and theft of information contained in electronic form (Dashora 245). Email websites are targeted in more ways though. Many cyber-criminals will attack one through his or her email. A few ways they can do this are email bombing, virus/ worm attacks, and Trojan attacks. Email bombing is when the criminal sends a massive amount of emails to the target, and the end result is his or her computer crashing (Dashora 245). Viruses and Trojan attacks are ones that attach to a file the user thinks is safe, and after the user opens the file the virus or Trojan goes on to destroy the computer (Dashora 245). All of these types of crime are very well hidden, and computer users need to be aware of what is out there so they can remain protected.
The other type of cyber-crime is cyber-victimization. Cyber-victimization includes anything from cyber-bulling all the way to cyber-stalking. Many of the criminals involved in this type of crime are ones which the victim most likely knows, but since it is over the internet the victim is unaware because it can be done anonymously (Gradinger 229). The ways one can go about stopping cyber-victimization is easier on some websites than others; on some websites the user can simply use the block function and keep the malicious user from gaining access, but some websites do not offer this tool (Gradinger 229). The world of cyber-crime is massive, and computer users need to stay up to date with all the different forms of crimes one can fall victim to; because if one knows what to look out for it is less likely they will fall for cyber-criminals sneaky deceptions.
There are four main types of cyber-criminals. The first type is children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18. This group is believed to commit cyber-crimes because of their need to explore things. Also they think this will make them look more advanced when compared to other children of the same age (Dashora 244). The second group of cyber criminals have earned the name “organized hackers.” They are groups formed with the main purpose being to accomplish a common goal. The common goal is usually pushing their own political bias. One example of these types of hackers is the Pakistanis who mainly attack the Indian government (Dashora 245). The third group call themselves either professional hackers or “crackers.” This category consists of the traditional type of criminal. The majority of their crimes are motivated by the gain of money. These hackers are usually employed by...

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