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Computer Crime Analysis Report

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In order to compile the 2008 report on computer crime and security, The Computer Security Institute (CSI) sent out five thousand surveys to member companies and the organizations of people who had attended security events, such as conferences. Of the five thousand surveys, five hundred and twenty-two were completed and returned. The following is an analysis of CSI’s findings, with particular regard to total respondents and total loss, the top five attack types, and how the attacks likely occurred.
The Survey Respondents
Five hundred and twenty-two organizations responded to the survey requests, or a little more than ten percent. The largest organization types to participate included; 22% ...view middle of the document...

15). The fact that virus infection was the highest reported security incident has a couple likely causes. The first likely cause is lack of an email security policy or employees who ignore the policy. Traditionally email has been the most likely vector of computer virus transmission, but more recently, malicious and compromised websites have become a major source. According to Dennis O'Reilly, “Now infections are more likely to occur after you browse to an infected Web site or download and open a file” (2009). The other likely cause of many virus infections is lack antivirus software or antivirus software that is not regularly updated.
Insider abuse and laptop theft are not entirely unpreventable, as with many network threats, but both of these threats can be discouraged by having formal policies in place in which the organization takes a zero tolerance stance on these activities. Security measures should also be put into place, such as a checkout system for company mobile devices, CCTV security cameras, and logging of network activity. According to Dan Verton, it is also important to have employees sign a nondisclosure agreement that clearly states what types of information are not permitted to be shared or the conditions of information release (2013).
Unauthorized access to an organization’s network is generally achieved by the exploitation of some kind of vulnerability. To combat unauthorized network access, network security personnel should make efforts to stay current on the latest threats to network security, as well as new twists on old exploits. Network firmware and software should be updated regularly, to account for the latest security fixes from vendors, such as Microsoft or Oracle. Additionally, technical security...

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