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Computer Crime Final Essay

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The issue of Computer Crime has been a major problem that needs to be resolved. Computer Crime is spreading uncontrollably causing massive destruction around the world. In the past 5 years the rate of Cyber Crime has increased by 13 percent and extended to 7 different countries. There are several fallacies/current conditions that are associated with this problem including, Legal, Financial and Social Issues. Right now the police is trying to act upon this crime but it is not working since there is no way that they can keep up with it there is way too much for them to try and handle themselves. Was the New Deal of the 1930s a liberal plan to create a welfare state in America, or was it a conservative defense of American capitalism?

Determining the reasons for this controversy is the best way to prevent Computer Crime situations from occurring in the future. “Computer Crime started in 1971 known as the first ever recorded attack when John Draper realized that a toy whistle in a cereal box could make the 2600-hertz tone which in that time frame was required to produce a free long-distance call” (Migga Kigga, 407). Then, later after many hacking incidents in 1988 a guy named Robert T. Morris Jr., who graduated from Cornell University launched a self-replicating worm on the governments ARPANET to test the effects on the system. But as it turns out the worm gets much more serve and spreads to 6,000 network computers which ended up clogging the government and as a resultant the University systems. Morris was then dismissed from Cornell, sentenced three years of prohibition and fined 10,000 dollars (Migga Kigga, 408). Nowadays your computer or any electronic devices are never safe from this crime because in 2004 there was an investigation led by the USA Today and the San Francisco tech marketing firm Avantgarde that found out that if your computer is wireless or hard wired to the internet even if you are not using it and nothing is running you exposed to potential computer hackers of all sorts of types. “The biggest cause for computer crime is economically indulgent complications” (Mercer). This reason for action is pursued by people who are easy motivated by money and they see that they don’t have to show their face they can just hide behind technology. This reason for action is pursued by people who are easy motivated by money and they see that they don’t have to show their face they can just hide behind technology. The idea of not being seen and high income has an effect on people to take their common sense away. The hackers are prompted to engage in malware, phishing, identity theft and fraudulent money request attacks. Targeting online bank accounts alone is one plan of attack that pulls in about seven hundred million dollars every year globally. This caused damage to computer networks and equipment to express loathing feelings against others. Companies such as, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, would not allow cyber criminals to attack the public which...

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