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Computer Crimes Speech

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Computer crimes are on the rise 1 in 10 Americans experience some form of a malicious attack on their computer system. If you pay attention to the rest of this speech you will understand how a Hackers mind works and how to defend yourself from them. In this speech I will tell you why and how people break into computers, what sorts of trouble they cause, and what kind of punishment lie ahead for them if caught.Hackers and Crackers break into computer systems for any of a wide variety of reasons. Many groups break into computers for capital gain while still others do it as a means to pass time at work or at school. For most it's a thrill to figure out how to break into a computer. Most people never have any intention of causing harm. I believe that for the vast majority of people it's merely the thrill of the 'hunt' at pushes them to such great lengths. Many employees that work in large corporations feel that they don't get paid as much as they should. Therefore if they have high security clearance they are able to capitalize from that by selling the data they have access to on the black-market. Whether it be Ford Motor companies plan for the 1999 F-150 or spec sheets for the military's new bomber it happens everyday. Too by left is a drawing that illustrates the method that most Hackers use to take over your computer. Ever since the dial-up connection was invented anyone with a modem had the ability to wreck any one of thousands of computers.One of the most talked about forms of computer crime is computer viruses. A computer virus is a small but highly destructive program written by an unscrupulous computer Hacker. Back in 1984 a 17 year old computer Hacker single handedly brought down four hundred thousand computers in a matter of hours. Too my left is a graph depicting the # of computer crimes comited from 1988 till now. Some Hackers...

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