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The Risks Associated With Computer Dependency

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Computers have found their way into nearly every part of our lives. They are intended to make our lives easier and they usually fulfill that purpose very well. They enable us to work from home, stay connected with loved ones who live too far to visit, and they provide us with a constant source of entertainment whenever and wherever we want. The earliest computers were built fifty years ago and it is only in last thirty or so years that their influence has affected our everyday life. In this brief time they have made a remarkable impact on our lives. We are now so dependent on computers that it is hard to imagine what things would be like today without them. If computers were suddenly removed from this world there would be insurmountable chaos everywhere. When the power went out during Hurricane Sandy everyone panicked, lost in confusion and in need of electricity. (Fahey) Since their invention people have become increasingly dependent on computers.
In the near future computers will be used to create even more sophisticated computers. This thought is rather frightening. It is inevitable that technology will progress and become gradually more and more complex. We should make sure that we are able to control it and never become totally dependent on the completely technological world. (Shotton) Computers have become a luxury available to everyone of all ages. Once they became so available everyone found need of them and jumped on the bandwagon. Many people now have more computers than members in their family. The Internet has become a necessary part of our lives used for things like paying bills, emailing, online booking or shopping, ordering products and connecting and communicating with other people. A short time ago you had to drive to a bakery to get a pizza, but now you can quick hop online and have it delivered to your home in no time. Homework in the past was done using a pencil and paper but now students can simply type their papers and send them to their teacher out of class time. Students use computers daily to do an electronic presentation, research, or other homework. Businesses today use computers to stay organized, work more efficiently and in turn earn more money. For many teenagers and kids the computer is their favorite form of entertainment. Facebook, Pinterest, and Netflix are where most free time in the life of a teenager is spent. Computers are meant to be a learning tool but not much learning is being done in certain age groups. People constantly are upgrading to programs to the next best thing. Software keeps advancing and we like to try to keep up. (Heron) Personal computers have become like personal companions to many and they improve our lives greatly in one way or another.
Students today are more comfortable using the Internet and Google search engine than they are flipping open a textbook and finding the information they need. Teachers give lessons based off PowerPoint’s and presentations and create worksheets and make...

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