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My best and worst trait is insatiable curiosity, especially when it comes to electronic gadgets and PCs. I was the kid that rips open a brand new remote car to pull every component apart rather than playing with it. Over the years, I moved on to gutting PCs’ components, breaking some, and learning along the way. Later, I grew and graduated to dissecting and creating my own website and yet, my curiosity is still acute as ever. Knowledge of the digital world is infinite and I always have a strong urge to learn more about it.
In Malaysia, computer engineering is still in a developing stage and most of the universities in my country are not fully equipped to offer a full-fledged computer courses. My family impressed upon me that if I want to have the best education in your life then obtain it from the best university. Well, Purdue University is one of the highest rated university offering computer engineering programs in America.
It is a fact that the United States of America is the most scientifically and technologically advanced country in the world. This is because of its numerous entrepreneurship and scientific achievements. These great qualities are of the product of the academic environment and the strong learning spirit, which is inculcated by the American education system thus making it the best in the world. It is also a known fact that Neil Armstrong is also an alumni of Purdue University, therefore this institute has a special place not only in America but also in the world. Being a student in such a reckoning college would be a lifetime opportunity.
During my first year in INTI College, I have begun to search for university that can help me accomplish my personal and professional goals. Purdue University is ranked in top 50 by the Times Higher Education engineering ranking. After meeting with a few seniors from Purdue U, I am convinced that Purdue U will give me the best opportunity to succeed in becoming a computer engineer.
I hope to gain an edge with a university education that will not only provide me with the knowledge for my career but it will also allow me see from a different aspect of working with different people from various countries and stepping out from my comfort zone to learn something new while allowing me to grow. One of my lecturers said that Asians think differently from Americans and as a student, we must have an open mind and be exposed to a new culture, so we learn more and are adaptable to other views. University...

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