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Computers are the future whether we like it or not. Some people dislike computers, because of the complications it takes to understand the basics. Computers are not exactly the easiest tools to work with, but they are the most rewarding, and they are the future. From my understanding Gateway and Dell are the two major competitors in the computer industry today.These two competitors have significant differences in their mission statements as well as their visions. The following vision and mission statement best state the core of Gateway, which has led to its great success. It's vision is to be the leading marketer of personal computer products in the world. And it's mission is to profitably grow their business faster than the competition by better understanding and serving the desires of their customers and aggressively marketing the highest value directly to their chosen markets. The company was formed for one purpose, to offer. They want people to have choices, a nice selection, good prices and a staff with a vast knowledge. On the other hand, In Dell's mission statement it says, "Dell wants to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of:" Highest quality, leading technology, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, best-in-class service and support, flexible customization capability, superior corporate citizenship, and financial stability.Gateway and Dell offer most of the same product line. Gateway provides products and services to the small and medium business with local sales, installation, and support - no other major PC vendor offers the local presence and personalized approach that Gateway does. Dell sells a range of personal computers, laptop computers, enterprise and workgroup servers, storage solutions and graphics workstations direct to business, education, the government and consumers, bypassing the traditional distribution channel. Dell is expanding services such as its Web site (which processes half of the company's transactions), online business consulting, and its Dell Ventures private investment arm.As for their pricing strategy, Dell recently announced for the corporate market, the company has introduced a number of financial incentives that allow small and medium...

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942 words - 4 pages friends, one gets to practise moral behaviour often-- helping fellow students, not being selfish, doing to others what one would want others to do to oneself, etc-and these cannot be practised or learnt in the computer and Internet.In education, one does not just become a sponge and absorb all the skills needed, the information required and the wanted facts. One has to squeeze out some of the knowledge and skills that one has learnt and be able to

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1780 words - 7 pages File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 6 June 2008. Web. 5 Dec. 2011. "Key Events in the History of Computer Hacking (sidebar)." Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 6 June 2008. Web. 5 Dec. 2011. Scholes, Dan. "Kevin Mitnick: The Most Notorious Hacker." Webster University. Webster. Web. 7 Dec. 2011. "Top 10 Most Famous Hackers of All Time - IT Security." IT Security - The Industry's Web Resource. IT Security. Web. 9 Dec. 2011.

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1848 words - 7 pages by the use of software. Work Cited "Computers." Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 8 Mar. 2014. . "Computer Software." Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 4 Mar. 2014.. "Software Designers." Ferguson's Career Guidance

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2723 words - 11 pages percent of teenagers find technology exciting and want to use it as much as they can. Facts became even more interesting when females entered the picture. Previous researches suggested that computer gaming is a male-leisure activity. However, Jo Bryce, the Psychology lecturer behind the paper, "The Gendering of Computer Gaming: Experience and Space 1", renounced the idea and revealed that there has been an increasing female participation in this

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