Computer Hackers Essay

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Computer Hackers

Hackers are popularly defined as computer experts who spend enormous
amounts of time trying to breach the security of networks, web servers
and email servers. Usually they use a selection of specialist software
to identify any weaknesses, which they are then able to exploit. There
are basically two main types of hackers, the first type is mainly
consistent of intelligent adolescents who acquire their hacking
knowledge by reading, by talking to people and by spending an
excessive amount of time on their computer, learning the various
programs, the source code and the commands. They are then able to
solve puzzles that people with computer engineering backgrounds can't
solve. vast majority of hackers do it for their own personal enjoyment
as they find it to be intellectual, mind stimulating, a challenge, and
it also grants them immense amounts of power and control. Hackers
generally seem to be primarily interested in the hacking of large
corporations and authority’s security networks rather than attacking
private individuals. It's intellectual. It stimulates my mind. It's a
challenge. But these ‘juvenile’ hackers eventually get caught, and the
reason they get caught is due to the fact that they're not
professionals. The second type of hackers are however the
professionals, they’re the ex-KGB agents, the ex-CIA agents, the
person from German intelligence, or the Israeli intelligence and
they're not going to get caught.

A computer virus is a program (a block of executable code) which
attaches itself to, overwrites, or otherwise replaces another program
in order to reproduce itself without the knowledge of the user. A vast
array of viruses are comparatively harmless and may be present for
years with no noticeable effect. Some, however, may cause random
damage to data files (sometimes insidiously, over a long period) or
attempt to destroy files and disks. Others cause unintended
damage. Even benign viruses (apparently non-destructive viruses) cause
significant damage by occupying disk space and/or main memory, by
using up CPU processing time, and by the time and expense wasted in
detecting and removing them.

There are several main types of viruses out there that hackers may

v File Viruses - A file virus is a virus that attaches itself to a
file, usually an executable application like a word-processing program
and in general file viruses don't infect data files. However, data
files can contain embedded executable code such as macros, which may
be used by hackers, as a file virus infects other files when the
program to which it is attached is run, it can spread across a network
(often very quickly).

v Boot-sector Viruses - Boot sector viruses alter the program that is
in the first sector of every disk. This is the space in the computer

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