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Precis of 'Who's reading your E-mail"The article exposes the vulnerability of computer data and ofcorporations with the popularity of the Internet. The Internet canallow hackers access to any computer in the world, with understatedease. Break-ins can go virtually undetected.Major corporations and government security departments haveacknowledged that hacker break-ins are out of control. Some companiesare too fearful to join networks because of this. Software programsbrought out to deal with the growing problem, such as firewalls, are nolonger totally effective. New technology has been developed such as''Pilot Network Services' (offering supervised Internet access);'Netranger' (a monitor device used by Pentagon) and 'Encrypton'(software that jumbles messages).The basics of computer security (using difficult passwords, andguarding of data) are not being met in a disturbingly large number ofAmerican companies surveyed. A new bill demands that system operatorsbecome responsible for security. Hackers can be prosecuted (withsubsequent heavy penalties) only if the exposed company has activelyshown that it was security conscious. Further more, exposed companiesare liable to other companies if their lack of security precautionsallowed their computer network to become an opening for other companybreak-ins.Companies are dis-inclined to report breaches in security as it denotesa poor image and highlights their vulnerability. Clients demandsecurity, and lack of it will send them elsewhere.Billions of dollars annually is spent on protection devices. Others areutilizing the expertise of former convicted hackers to fine tune andupdate their security features. It is a case of befriending the enemyin order to learn more. These hackers come out of goal with a readymarket for their expertise, and great financial rewards.The explosion of the Internet use, and networks around the world havebrought with it a need for greater security consciousness amongst itsusers and systems operation managers. Technology needs to beconstantly updated in the war against the ever-growing insidious andmalicious hacker.Precis of 'Hackers: Taking a byte out of computer crime' by W. Roush.Roush discusses the changing face of computer crime with the advent ofthe modem and stricter laws. The article touches on the effect thesechanges are having on hackers themselves, and the measures that are putin place to deal with the problem. It also explores the common groundwhich hackers and computer security experts agree on.In the 1960's the dictionary definition of a hacker was that of a"computer virtuoso". Hackers comprised of young, computer literate andrebellious gangs vying for the status symbol image and thrill ofbreaking into a computer network.This all changed with the popularity of the modem and an increasingnumber of computer users. The number of hackers exploded and thus theimage of being a hacker became passe. The tougher security measuresput in place, combined with more stringent laws...

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Computer Hacking Essay

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Computer Hacking Essay

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Computer Hacking Essay

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