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Computer Hardware And Software Technology How To Influence On Business Performance

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Executive SummaryIn Information Age, selection and use computer hardware and software technology can have a profound influence on business performance. In this report, Barnes & will be chosen to discussion. Computer software and hardware applications are essential for business success. Our conclusion that uses computer software and hardware applications is very important for company's operation success. Managers should have a basic understanding of the role of software and hardware in the company's information infrastructure so that they can make technology decisions that promote company's performance and productivity.Table of ContentsPageExecutive Summary 1Table of Contents 21.0 Introduction 32.0 Company Profile: Barnes& 43.0 Software Application in B& 43.1 Supply Chain Management Systems 43.2 Customer Relationship Management Systems 63.3 Electronic Spreadsheet Software 94.0 Hardware Application in B& 124.1 Hardware Technology Requirement for Electronic Commerce 124.2 Hardware Capacity Planning and Scalability 124.3 Storage Hardware and Database Management Systems 135.0 Conclusion 15List of Reference 161.0 IntroductionToday, in the Information Age, application and use computer hardware and software technology can have a profound influence on business performance. Software "is the general term of a set of instructions that controls a computer or a communications network, while a perform a particular action or solve a problem" (Senn 1998, p.60). Meanwhile, hardware "is the general term of the machines or called devices that carry out the activities of computing, storing, and communicating data" (Senn 1998, p.49). Company I am researching is Barnes & that it is using a Widest-Assortment Model and it has achieved great success in business arena. The purpose of this report is to discuss the computer software and hardware applications how to impact on the company's operation.In this report, by study deeply and literature review, combined with refer to relevant books, journals, search useful information from internet and my personal idea, first, the company's profile will be showed. Followed by computer software and hardware how to impact on company's business operation will be discuss. Finally, an overall conclusion is presented.2.0 Company Profile: Barnes &"Barnes & is a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE under the symbol "BKS." Barnes & Noble's online channel, Barnes &, offers the largest in-stock selection of in-print book titles with access to approximately one million titles for immediate delivery, supplemented by more than 30 million listings from its nationwide network of out-of-print, rare and used book dealers. Barnes & offers its customers fast delivery, easy and secure ordering, and rich editorial content" (Official Website of Barnes& Software...

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