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Computer Information PaperCIS 319Computer Information PaperWhen inputting data in the computer, it is important to be accurate. The following methods are best for each device. When inputting for printed questionnaires, using an optical mark reader would be recommended. This is a scanning device that detects presence of dark marks on a predetermined grid, such as multiple choice answer sheets. Voice recognition software is the best method to input data for a telephone survey. This software converts voice wave sounds into digital input for computers. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, or MICR, is software that reads magnetic ink that is printed on checks which contains the routing and account numbers. This is widely used by the banking industry to read bank checks. The retail tags found on merchandises contains a bar code on them. The best method to input the data for these retail tags is to use bar code scanner. This device scans the black and white barcode lines and converts them to numbers and letters. Long documents can be inputted by using a scanner that has optical character recognition (OCR) software. This software converts text into digital form into the computer.When it comes to output devices, you would like the use the best possible output device to provide the right person with the right format. Handheld computer is best used with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display. This will provide the best picture to display the data. Color photographs need a color printer to print out the pictures. You do not want to use a black and white printer as there will be no color printed out. When you have resume, it depends on the situation on how you want it to be outputted. Most companies prefer you to email your resume to them but there is some where you will have to print it out. It is best if use a quality printer like a laser printer and quality paper. Memorandums need a printer to print out them out faster. Laser printers are best for this. Most companies now are sending out their memos through email and saves on paper. Statistical and company annual reports are best to use laser printer. You would like to print these with quality as these reports can be presented to board members or investors.There are different types of storage devices and can be used for different situations. Hard disks are magnetic disks that are divided into tracks and sectors that...

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The vulnerability of computerised accounting information systems to computer crime.

1509 words - 6 pages recently years, as well as the larger proportion of companies suffers computer related losses (Bagranoff & Moscove & Simkin 2003). Therefore, we can believe that the connection between growing dependence on information technologies and computer crime is positive correlated. This paper addresses the connections between the vulnerabilities of Computerised Accounting Information System and computer crime. Firstly, we will explain what is computer

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1587 words - 6 pages INTRODUCTIONDue to the advance of the technology, we should upgrade our computer system to meet the latest computer technology. We must keep up to date so that we can compete with other company. We can also improve our work, by using computer the work would be more professional, tidy, and fast compare with using typewriter to make a report.An insurance company like Big Red might have to delivered information quickly to other department and it is

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759 words - 3 pages /proceedings/2003/PaperFarmer.htmlMeikle, J. (2004). Excessive computer use 'threat to eyesight'. Retrieved August 19, 2009, from, K. (2008). Green Force Tracker - Offering the Army Increased Communication Capabilities . Retrieved August 19, 2009, from, R. and Reynolds, G. (2006). Information Systems: Fundamentals of Information Systems (3rd ed.). Course Technology.

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786 words - 3 pages Computer and information science (CIS) has two faces: technological and philosophical. The practical focus is on solving problems with the aid of computers. The philosophical focus—which is required to support the practice—is on the study of language and its use in making precise and understandable descriptions of ... anything.Computing has become the key enabler of fabulously rapid advances that have occurred, and that will continue

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1772 words - 7 pages Computer-Based Career Information Systems The adage "information is power" can certainly be applied to the marriage of career information with computers. In an era that is characterized by a rapidly changing employment and occupational outlook, the ability to access computerized career information has been empowering to both youth and adults (Bloch 1989; Tice and Gill 1991). Defined as "all that people need to know to make choices and take

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1368 words - 5 pages The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) is a proposed state contract law designed to standardize the law dealing with the licensing of software and other forms of digital information. UCITA was created by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL). The organization is comprised of more than 300 lawyers, judges, and law professors appointed by the states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto

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662 words - 3 pages Computer viruses infect a computer in three basic ways: when a user (1) opens an infected file, (2) runs an infected program, or (3) powers on the computer with an infected disk in a disk drive. Today, the most common way a computer becomes infected with a virus is when a user opens an infected e-mail attachment.cMethods that guarantee a computer or network is totally safe from computer viruses simply do not exist. Users can take several

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1274 words - 5 pages . This will make things much easier and accurate compared to manually entering products into inventory and personally counting them. The use of this system will also enhance customer service due to inaccurate inventories and computer updates. It will improve delivery times, increase sales, and productivity rates because all information will be at the employee's fingertips by use of a database on the personal computer. The data entered into the

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1597 words - 6 pages AbstractWith the information technology development day-by-day, Computerised Accounting Information System (CAIS) plays an increasingly significant role in the successful operation of today's business. Computerised Accounting Information System has been used more and more broadly and had as much impact on organisations, but the computer crime is also an important issue related to computerised accounting information system. As the expenditures of

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