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Computer Input Devices Essay

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I do not know much what an input device is even I have been using computer for many years. I thought that an input device is just a component inside the computer. I also did not know the role of input device play. I am among those people who do not care much about the component inside the computer. Now as I reflect, seems like I have ignored the importance of an input device.
What is input?
Input is really important for the computer. Through this device, users are allows to enter data or instructions into a computer. It changed something on the screen through the response. There are many kinds of input device for users to select depending on their application to get the result ...view middle of the document...

It is also important for the computer. Pointing device means there is a pointer that can be controlled by user on the screen. One of the example can be used to described pointing device is mouse. Generally, the mouse needs to use USB port to connect to the computer. Now, they have an advanced technology to make the mouse do not need to use USB port. They only need battery for the mouse. It is called wireless mouse. Users can use mouse to move the pointer on the screen to select the folders or other application. Mouse designed in three buttons. The left button is called primary mouse button, middle button is rotate wheel and the right button is secondary mouse button. Primary mouse button is used for click into a folder or a system. Only this button need by taking number of action to open some program and system. Middle button act as rotated wheel. It can click once to scroll continuously. It is saving user’s time for scroll one by one while referring thousands of pages. Secondary mouse button is right button on the mouse. When once click, it displays shortcut menu provide for user.
Touchpad is also a pointing device. It is different from mouse. Mouse is a thing that users can hold in the hand. Touchpad is only needs finger to slide it and make the pointer move. Moreover, it also can act as clicking function. The characteristic of touchpad is small, rectangular and flat. It is sensitive to the pressure and also motion. More often, touchpad can be found in notebook computer. This is easier for employees. They did not need to bring another mouse to do his work. In addition, touchpad can also be found on other devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) or some portable media players.
Touch screen
In this advance technology, screen can be function as input device which is called touch screen. Touch screen is a touch-sensitive display device. Users only need one or more fingers to touch on the screen so the screen can sense the pressure. Moreover, users can control the...

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