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Computer Labs Fit The Bill For Education

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In today's world, technology is the key to problem solving. From the earliest inventions to today's constant upgrades, inventors, designers, and creators start with a problem and develop ways to solve the problem efficiently. However, technology and inventions do not stop at efficient: people continue to find easier and more convenient solutions. For example, communication moved from hieroglyphics and word-of-mouth to mail, telephone, cell phone, email, and even video capture or webcam. We use technology in nearly every aspect of life and our children need to be prepared to enter a nation that requires knowledgeable being in not only the three R's but also the ever-rapidly changing and growing field of technology. Our education system must determine the most beneficial methods of applying and integrating technologies into our schools. One current debate is the placement of computers in the classroom or in a lab environment. Even though computers in the classroom promotes the benefit of maximum computer usage, computer lab setting are more efficient in building essential skills necessary for the integration of using technology in academic tasks.More than two decades of research has shown decisive evidence that the use of technology in education leads to positive effects on student achievement. During testimony before Senate Subcommittee, Margaret Honey (2001) indicated "…technology implementations…increases students' performance on standardized tests, software supporting the acquisition of early literacy skills can support learning gains, and scientific simulations, microcomputer-based laboratories, and scientific visualization tools have all been shown to result in students' increased understanding of core science concepts." Furthermore, software designed to support problem-solving enables students to grasp key mathematical concepts and language software such as Rosetta Stone permit students to learn at a more rapid pace and facilitate a sufficient learning environment. Internet access provides opportunities for numerous exploration, communication, and research. Internet access, computer software, and other educational technologies have improved the quality of education and strengthened skills in subjects such as math, science, and language.Technology has not only improved the quality and skills in student education, but technology has also proved to be a valuable asset for teachers and their professional environment. Software developed to collect data, chart student progress, identify student trouble areas, and modify instruction for student success is an example of a diagnostic assessment tool that teachers can use to perform work effectively especially with the onset of NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act). Technology enables teachers to collaborate and work together to develop lesson plans and curriculum where in the past, teachers were largely isolated from colleagues throughout the workday. The range of archival materials available...

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