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Computer Music (Oral Presentation Notes+ Executive Summary About 8 Minutes) Computer / Music / Sequencers / Virtual Instruments/ Creativity

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:Computer music is music generated or composed with the aid of computers.It can be considered as an interactive performance technology to enhance human musical experience and creativity. Most of the work on this field draws on Music Theory, Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction and mathematics.From the middle of the 20th century up to our days, this “cultural technology” has evolved a lot and is now firmly embedded in the process of creating music. The author of this presentation first developed through anecdotes the history of computer music. He explained how computing power has dramatically affected the way computer music is generated and performed. The presentation included a short extract of the world’s first computer music.Secondly, an overview of the tools used in computer music has been presented. The sequencing software designed to create and manage electronic music enable musicians to go further in their control of the sound. Quoting the example of the famous sequencer “Cubase SX”, the speaker introduced the terms ‘clip’, ’midi’ and ‘VST instrument’.Creating and managing audio from computers has become so commonplace that use of digital rather than analog technology in recording studios is the norm, rather than the exception. Despite this ubiquity of computer music in contemporary culture, there is considerable activity in this field, as researchers continue to pursue new and interesting computer-based synthesis, composition, and performance approaches.For more information, see:http://www.computermusic.org downloading free audio software, visit: having fun, try this Internet Based Electronic Music Generator: FOR ORAL PRESENTATIONFrom the middle of the 20th century up to our days, this “cultural technology” has evolved a lot and is now firmly embedded in the process of creating musicVery powerful sequencing...

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