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This study will be based on the study of the e-banking which was extensively studied by various researchers including Bank Bazaar (2012) which argues that banks in lines offer multiple non-transactional features that are very convenient for customers. And also examine the current state of online banking that is to identify its strengths and weaknesses by Murray (2013) and use the results in the formulation of recommendations to contribute to the knowledge in the chosen field. This explanatory research paper uses mixed methods. The results indicate that although infrastructure is advanced compared to some other regional examples, it was still below Western standards. Some important ...view middle of the document...

This research was based on online banking and how people find both walking in a bank and using it over the internet, in the survey research was used from different people such as Murray (2013) and a few more, for the validation of above mentioned topic, a research survey was conducted. 50 people were asked a questionnaire and their results were analysed after proper treatment. The finding was astonish as younger people where more to used online banking than the older age, questions that was ask was as follows
a. Have you use internet banking before?
b. Do you use an automated teller machine (ATM)?
c. Do you use telephone banking service (for example, balance inquiry, fund transfer between accounts)?
d. Do you have a mobile app for you banking online?
e. Do you use you internet bank to shop on the internet?
f. How often do you use the online banking per day?
g. Do you still visit branches since you started using online banking?

h. 50 people using online banking
i. 30 people also have traditional bank account and 20 doesn’t
j. 40 people using ATM, 10 people doesn’t
k. 30 people using telephone banking service, 20 doesn’t
l. 40 people use mobile App, 10 people doesn’t
m. 30 people using online banking to shop, 20 people doesn’t
n. 30 people still visit the branch, 20 doesn’t
o. The results that were find was similar to the findings in the people I used for this research, but as the years go people are getting comfortable using online banking to do various transactions on the internet such as bank transfer and shopping.
p. Base on all the information that this research of internet banking, it’s have advantages and dis-advantages, but it is used by the wide world to accessed there account online and the freedom of managing their account is becoming a useful business, it can be used on most if not all of the devices that can go online, mobile, tablets etc.
q. That is as individuals become steadily more marginal in their usage of the Internet, then the adverse impact on Internet banking usage flattens out5. This was our expectation when we began the work. It is often the case that the nonlinear impact of continuous variables is of this form with positive and second derivatives oppositely signed. We are also of the belief that this...

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