Computer Networking Security Essay

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Information technology and computer networking play an important part of our everyday lives. We definitely depend on computers much more than we realize. Even for those of us who may not have a desk job, we use the computer at least a half a dozen times on our way to work. Our alarm, the coffee maker, our vehicle…almost every aspect of our life is influenced by computers.
Technical support is utilized more than it should be. Several issues that the ordinary, average user faces can easily be resolved through basic “home remedies” that technical savvy computer professionals use. Everyone can be a computer networking genius with some basic training.
There are several computer networking problems that the most basic user usually has on a regular basis. These range from phishing, viruses, data loss, bad or no security passcodes, disconnection from the network, and operational startup issues. All of these are, more than likely, caused by lack of knowledge of basic network setup, lack of security training, or careless keyboard frenzy.
Data loss usually is rare because what most users do not realize is that the deleted files are stored in the computer systems RAM (random access memory) until it is overwritten by new files. Most users will get hysterical when they accidentally delete files, or are working on a document when the computer crashes or shuts down. What they do not know is that RAM will store a version of the document as long as it has been saved at least one time.
Phishing, viruses, and hacking are the easiest things to avoid. If you are on a network, whether it is a small home network or a LAN at work, constant daily care can keep you computers safe. Running automatic virus software and keeping it up to date can resolve ninety

percent of your problems. Making sure you create back up files and regularly clean out your unused files, cookies, and temporary internet history removes the chance for planting viruses.
Next, passwords and passcodes are the forefront of physical computer security. If someone is trying to hack into your network from the physical source, passwords are a great deterrent. Sadly, the average user does not think about password security as being important. “I am in home, who could break in?” “My workplace is a locked secure building, why do I need a password?” These kinds of questions lull computer users into a false sense of security. Try not to use dates of birth, your favorite number, color, pet, family, etc. These are all easy targets to the trained hacker.
Disconnection from the network is a frequent problem, and something every user should know how to fix. It can happen from common place problems such as a loose cord, a malfunctioning modem, or tampering of network properties. If any of these issues occur, they can be fixed at home without tech support. Always...

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