Computer Programmers And System Analysts Personal Traits

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Computer Programmers work in the field of electronic data processing. They write instructions that tell computers what to do in computers language, or code, that the computer understands. Before actually writing the computer program a programmer must analyze the work request understand the current problem and desired resolution, decide on an approach to use in order to attack the problem, and plan what the machine will have to do to produce the required results. Programmers prepare a flow chart to show the steps in sequence that the machine must make. They must pay attention to minute detail and instruct the machine in each steps of the process. The programmer's job concerns both an overall picture of the problem at hand and the minute detail of potential solutions. Programmer work from two points of view: from that of the people who need certain results and from that of technological problem solving. The work is equally divided between meeting the needs of other people and comprehending the capabilities of the machine. Two large studies have found that the most common personality type for programmers is ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judging), a type that tends to be Seri practical, orderly logical and successful through concentration and through comprise 25-30 percent of software programmers. Programmers are indeed introverts. One-half to two-thirds of the software depopulation is introverted compared to about one-quarter of the general population reason the majority of software developers are IS, (Introversion, Sensing). Might be that IS purrs education and programmers are more educated than average 60 percent developers have attained at least a bachelor's degree, compared to about 25 general population.The S/N (sensing/intuition) and T/F (thinking/feeling) attributes are particular because they describe an individual's decision-making style. Eighty to ninety software developers are T/S (thinking /sensing), compared to about 50 percent of the general population compared to average, T/S are more logical, analytical, scientific, dispassion impersonal, concerned with matters of truth, and unconcerned with people's speculation.Programmers are approximately evenly split between SS and NS, and the difference between the two will be immediately recognized to most software developers. SS are live in the world of what can be accomplished now; are precise, concrete, and to specialize; and like to develop a single idea in depth rather than several idea. They are inventive, live in the world of possibility and theories, like to generalize explore many alternative ideas. An example of an S is an expert programmer intimately acquainted with every detail of a specific programming language. An example of an N is a designer who considers wide-ranging possibilities and s level technical issues as "implementation details." SS sometimes aggravate N deep into technical details before NS feel the breadth has been adequately explained sometimes...

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