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Computer Programs and Program DevelopmentZack KremnitserPRG 210University of PhoenixComputer Programs and Program DevelopmentThere are three basic types of programming languages; each having their own advantages and disadvantages. With so many programming languages that exist, each provides a relationship between the computer program and how the computer processes and stores data. Program development consists of a development cycle and it is important to use a structured, modular approach when creating program requirements, design, and code (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18).Computers only understand machine language directly, which consists of a sequence of ones and zeros that represent something for it to do. It is the fastest type of language for the computer to recognize, therefore reacting faster and completing a task in the shortest time possible. However, for the typical programmer, difficulty to read, write, and memorize strings of ones and zeros resulted in using an assembly or a high-level language (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18).Using an assembly language is very close to machine code. "Assembly language is a symbolic representation of machine language" (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18). An advantage of assembly language exists due to the fact that its instructions coincide with the machine code on a one-to-one basis; however it is still not as fast as machine language because it needs to be translated into machine language with the aid of an assembler (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18).The most human friendly type of programming language is the high-level language. The ease of use and the ability to learn them easier, contribute to their popularity. Containing English words makes for easier use and modifications for the high-level languages. Although the high-level languages are also easily carried over from computer to computer with little modification, there is a down-side. There are many instructions that are translated into machine code from just one instruction from a high-level language. Because of this, the result is a less powerful program that takes longer to process. The speed is however, a worthwhile trade-off for the ease of use by programmers (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 19).Many programming languages exist because they evolve. For example, C was created and then evolved to C++. Later another form of it was introduced as dot-Net and C#. These versions are somewhat more oriented to Internet programming. Another example is a form of Basic, which evolved to Visual Basic and is commonly used for creating programs with a GUI. Java is also a popular language, with variations intended for Internet programming as well. Many languages exist because of they are focused to do different types of programs however; the basic programming principles and concepts apply to each of them, making it easy to learn different ones (Venit & Drake, 2007, p....

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