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Biometrics is now becoming more popular with the introduction of information technology. This technology is used to verify and/or identity someone using his or her own unique physical patterns, for example fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scanning, retinal scan and hand geometry or behavioural patterns such as voice, keystroke dynamics and signatures (See Appendix 1). Until recently, biometrics was considered intrusive and too expensive for most companies, but now with the need for increased security, the dropping of prices and the improvement in technology more organisations are looking towards biometrics to replace current tasks for example swipe card and password confirmation. It can also be used to keep track of time and attendance within a company. Biometrics has also been introduced to some countries to ensure the integrity of their voting system.Although biometrics is something that some may consider being something of the future and they may not come across it, this essay will show that it is already used within some aspects of work and various testing within other fields that are ongoing. Especially since the attack on the twin towers, information and identity are two fields in which the government feels should be protected to help in the fight against terrorism, "A computer based attack on the national infrastructure could cripple the nation more quickly than a military strike." (Robin Cook, March 2001).Intense competitive pressures and razor-thin margins in the airline industry, as in many other industries, do not allow firms the luxury of freely expending resources to improve levels of service. Rather, the trick is to constantly seek ways to simultaneously achieve leaps in service quality as well as efficiency. Internet technology has in the last few years allowed many firms to do just that, and has redefined several service-oriented industries such as retail financial services, insurance, book and music retailing, and travel agencies. Biometrics may be the next major technology after the internet enabling further value and productivity enhancements for those firms that know how to harness its power (Wirtz and Heracleous, 2005).Biometrics is the authentication or the identification[1] of individuals based on a physical characteristic or trait. Physical characteristics include fingerprints, facial recognition, hand geometry or iris configuration; and traits include signature formation, keystroke patterns or voice recognition. Biometrics, as something you are, is both more convenient and more secure than something you know (passwords or pieces of personal information) or something you have (card keys, smart cards or tokens). There is no risk of forgetting, losing, copying, loaning, or getting your biometrics stolen, especially if a multi-biometric approach is used for authentication. Dominant security-enhancement technologies leave a lot to be desired. In addition to security risks, has been estimated that between half to a third...

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