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When purchasing a computer, there are many things you should consider before spending the money on technology that will be obsolete in a couple of years. There are a couple of questions I would ask myself before purchasing a computer. The first question would be is the computer dedicated to just one single purpose such as home security system or is it an all-around computer that can handle any type of command and or operation you put to it from typing a paper to a hard-core gaming? Is it a family household computer where parental protection is important to keep sensitive information away from children with different user logins? What type of Operating System (OS) should you consider buying? ...view middle of the document...

Having a computer that is able to play movies is a great thing to have especially on long road trips or airplane flights it can make time go by quicker. Music is a necessity on my computer since I consider myself a music enthusiast; while working on projects this helps me concentrate on what I’m working on. I need to have a computer that can access the Internet this feature is one of the most important components to be able to access on the computer, because being in college you’ll need to research for term papers that you would be working on for classes. Also with the Internet you can play music, download programs, checking emails, updating your social media accounts. I want a full size computer that so small enough since space is limited.

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In the future my plans are to start my own home construction business, with owning and operating your own home business, some of your needs and wants will change on what my computer would have to do. The computer would still have to be able to process word documents, it would also have to be able to make work schedules for the employees that are working for my construction company. The computer would need to do payroll, without paying employees they wouldn’t want to work for my company. I need a computer that will be able to encrypt files so it will be harder for the unidentified people to access the files. Ill have employee’s information and customer information that needs to be protected at all times personal information. Another feature I want on this business computer is called Remote access. This feature is highly recommended on my list, because you can access files from anymore, so you can show clients, on how far the project is, making updates to existing digital blueprints. Once you have a family the best business decision is to buy a separate computer from my designated business computer. Buying an additional computer for my family so I can separate my family needs with my business needs. This is the best thing you need to do. You don’t want your children to ruin your business computer by deleting and loose all your critical information about your employees and clienteles and everyday business information. Now people can purchase an extra storage space called a Cloud, so if anything corrupt and looses of your computer the information it will be stored in a separate location.
The hardware I would recommend to fit my need is the following. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) I would want it to be a quad-core processor. This quad-core processer make it so playing video games and editing picture will be easy. I would want at least 8 to 16 gigabytes of Random-access memory (RAM). With high amounts of RAM you can run more programs at once and your computer proficiency slow down. A webcam is a must; it helps to keep in contact with friends and family that live in a different area as you. I would want a hard drive that is at least 500 gigabytes to one terabyte. If possible the hard...

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