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Computer Related Devices Have Change Our Lives

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God created us competent enough to learn by simply looking, listening, and experiencing. We are gifted with thought and imagination with undiscovered limits that grow wider and deeper with every idea. These days, we are fortunate that man’s evolving inventions, through this giftedness, transformed our lives and even ourselves.

​Particularly, the world today is overflowing with such gadgets and tools that help us with our everyday. We have all our cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops that give us access to instant communication and boundless information, such that we seem better informed and more connected. These devices have been enhancing the quality of our lives. They are efficient ...view middle of the document...

That is a lot of power inside a little machine, and we feel good about it. These days, we need this power for it changed our lives and it continues to do so.

Now that we have grown so used to these devices, life seems harder without them. Look around wherever we go, almost everyone is connected with virtual reality and somehow disconnected to the real world. With our wide eyes glued to the screen, our fingers tap dancing away on the buttons, and even with our mouths half opened, we have become unaware of our surroundings. We miss out on the “here and now”. We are on the internet day and night, that we no longer see the sunrise or the sunset, not even the stars at night. We are so caught up in the net that we become absent-minded even when we are not on our devices. We say everything on the web that we find ourselves too exhausted to make real conversation. We eat dinner together and get lost trying to “document the event”, that we totally “miss out” on the moment. We get distracted as we get pictures of the amazing food on the table that we forget that we were to dine and bond with a friend. We even forget to pray. We ride our cars, but we do not notice the enchanting mountains we pass. A person in a bus, deep in thought, is staring out of the window, smiling, and she is the odd one out because she is not glued to a cell phone. Another person, without a cell phone as well says hello to a seatmate, and everyone thinks she is awkward. We post pictures of ourselves then check and recheck for “likes” and comments that we get because we want to be noticed as being pretty or handsome in “selfies”. We even compare ourselves with other people by lurking at their photos, even if the truth is we look our best when we establish eye contact and when we simply smile at others. We count our photos, our friends and followers but we forget that our days are counted as well.

Is this mode what we now consider as social, informed, connected and in fashion? Perhaps, we must not, because it isn’t.

I, for one, do not own a cell phone because I never thought I really needed one. Instead I use the landline at home. There are a few times I wish I had a cell phone, I admit. Like in case there is an emergency, or when I have to call my mother who is at work, while I am alone at home. I would like to call her cell phone through my own, and not...

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