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Computer Science Essay

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In this essay, you will read about the way a computer works including hardware, software and history regarding a computer. A computer is a devise that processes, organize, displays information, and calculates. It can communicate with other computers all over the world. Computers can perform thousands of billions of calculations per second. Computers are used for business, bar codes, track inventories, home use, school work, and studies among other things. Computers can produce several things at once, for example: information, images, numbers, movies and sound. This is why every part of a computer is important when it comes to managing the system.
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The inner circuit components are silicone objects that are called a semiconductor. There are also a numerous amount of wires that joins in with components this is called the Bus. Where the machine stores data and programs is called the hard. The operating system is when a computer is turned on and searches memory. Examples of operating systems are Windows 98, Windows 8 and Mac. Today’s most popular operating system is Windows 8. Today’s students majoring in the field of computer science will also have to learn the history of the computer. Now, let’s go on to the history of the computer.
The IBM 360 (1964): (Wikipedia) The 360 series pioneered the concept of upward compatibility whereby a user could upgrade from one computer to the next without having to reprogram existing applications. The machine was viewed as an enormous financial gamble, but paid off tremendously as it gave IBM dominance in mainframes which it has never relinquished. Apple II (1977): (wikipedia) The Apple Il was a fully assembled home computer in an attractive case, complete with keyboard, connection to a TV screen, color, memory to 64Kb, and basic interpreter. The machine was to launch the personal computer revolution and vault its founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, from garage to glory. IBM PC (1981): (Wikipedia) IBM wasn’t the first nor was it technologically innovative, but IBM’s announcement put computers on the desks of America's economic business scale. By 1985 IBM had manufactured its three millionth PC, and had spawned an entire industry in the process. (Wikipedia)

Apple Macintosh (1984): The Macintosh was far from an instant success, but once Apple got the bugs out and added an internal hard disk, laser printer, and expanded memory, the machine took off. Its ease of use and graphical interface offered an entirely different perspective on computing. (Wikipedia)

The PC Today (2014): The march of technology is relentless and astounding and today’s PC runs rings around its predecessor. Today you can buy a Pentium processor with touch-screen 4GB memory, 750GB hard drive all for approximately $500. With this said what a student can gain from classes that promote an excellent decision towards a career. (Wikipedia)
From the beginning of our country until the present time many individuals felt that the most beneficial invention to mankind has been the computer. The computer is beneficial in many different areas of life such as: education, business, and communications. Computers are very beneficial to education in today’s economy. Computer classes are taught in every school in the United States. A computer will help students prepare for the growing technology within todays job markets. Not knowing how to use a computer these will cause a very good chance of a individual to not find a job. Using the Internet has become a great way to access information and to just have fun. There are also programs such as cd-rom games, dictionaries, novels decreasing the cost of...

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