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Computer Science Has A Large Effect On The Outlook Of Technology Writing 121 Essay

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Writing 121
19 May 2017
Computer Science has a Large Effect on the Outlook of Technology
We live in a modern world where technology is rapidly advancing in ways one would believe would be impossible years ago. Technology revives humanity in unspeakable ways; such as making contact a possibility around the world within the matter of pressing a single button, aiding the process of new medicines for previously incurable diseases, and rapidly completing tasks that would have taken hours by hand. Although technology does not simply just simply develop on its own, but it perpetually continues to grow form by those who work in the field of computer engineering, and computer programming. Each level of the computerized fields has its own field of work, and each aids technology advancement in its own way. Computer programmers train to correctly perform their duties, understand the tools and language, and sharpen their personal qualities. Becoming a computer programmer is not an easy task and takes eons to perfect, as the code is forever changing to adapt to our needs.
Every user must get started somewhere when they first attempt computer programming. The first experiences are best learned by attempting simple web scripts on your own, while gradually working toward harder tasks (Taylor, 24). If attempting the start learning computer programming while still in school, it is advised to take as many computer education classes as physically possible. It is also advised to partake in classes in mathematics, science, and schematic drawing classes to prepare for the field (Computer Programmers). It is recommended for beginners in programming to investigate in large businesses that use computerized tasks to complete their operations on an everyday basis such as banking programs and web servers to see how all the tasks work in contagion to complete a single large task (Computer Programmers). Most of the time employers prefer their employed programmers to have a secondary education. However, when programming was first becoming a popular career companies would hire people with little to no experience as long as they were quick with the ability to learn (Computer Programmers). For web developers, many employers are not concerned with what secondary education the employee has, but more of what they are capable of completing with the programming language and creating web applications (Taylor 94). Website developers are responsible for the creation and management of websites that are attractive to customers and display a proper amount of information (Taylor 24). Website programmers don’t only primarily work on the design or layout of webpages, some make web elements, or web programs, for their websites (Taylor 93). General Programmers will write online programs that let online users to safely purchase products or services, deliver and store payment information to corporations, and add features into emails such as images or videos...

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