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Computer Science The Careers Of The Future

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Modern technology has integrated itself into our daily lives drastically. In the years come by, cell phones used to be huge bricks that only lasted for 30 minutes until you needed to charge them for hours (Kickin’ It Old School, 2013, Now, they fit in our pockets and are smaller than modern age computers, but still pack the same power as one and do so much more than just call other phones, with new advancements like the iPhone 5s’ incredible x64 processor, a first in smartphones, and a used-to-be exclusive in computers (Apple, 2014, Those to recognize for the accomplishments in technology are the folks working in Computer Science, ...view middle of the document...

(The Advising Quarterly, 1994, Plus, who doesn't want to make something that people will enjoy for years to come?
With your interests down and a career set, you’re ready to take classes for your future, but what classes do you take, and where do you go to school to take these classes? According to Pennylane (2007), as many math and computer courses as possible should be taken at once in high school, with a great implication on programming courses ( In addition, common classes taken for Computer Science in college are “...artificial intelligence, computer system organization, data structures and algorithms, digital system design, introduction to program design, mathematics for computer science, software engineering, and theory of formal languages,” as stated by “franci c” (2012, Along with those college classes, one third of your classes are devoted to math and science, with another third being general educations, and the final third being Computer Science courses, like those listed previously (Purdue University Department of Computer Science, 2013, Most high schools have computer courses and clubs, such as Mira Loma (2014), and it’s a given fact that all high schools are mandated to teach math courses ( In relation, many colleges, such as Sacramento State (n.d.) and UCLA (n.d.), provide courses on Computer Science ( and
You've taken the classes, aced the tests, and gotten your degree, but where to now? As previewed in paragraph 2, there are all kinds of fields in Computer Science. If you’re interested in coding, computer programming and software engineering are the ways to go, as they’re all about creating programs in order to accomplish specific tasks (The Advising Quarterly, 1994, If you like the actual pieces that combine to create the computer, such as processors and video cards, computer engineering is stated to be all about “...[embedding] computers in other machines and systems, [building] networks to transfer data, and [developing] ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable,” by the Virginia Tech Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012, If you’re more into the math and science behind the computer, computational science and information science are both computer-related sciences involving how computers use math and computation in the real world, and how computers manage information (Tuzun, n.d., and The Free Dictionary, n.d., Jobs in Computer Science all make an average starting salary of $60,000 per year, and a Computer Science degree gives you the benefits of better advancement and work opportunities (Adams, 2013, and Priddy, 2009,

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