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Computer Security Article Essay

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PC Safety and Security -- What Do I Need

This article is intended to provide you with general hints and tips for PC security, as well as some suggestions for reputable, tierd and tested programmes that can help you maintain a clean system. It is not something just to be followed slavishly, without any thought - rather it will provide you with guidelines that will help defened againts the large number of viruses, Troujans, diallers and other nasties that lurk in the undergrowth of the internet. So, once you've digested every last morsel here, have a think about what you need to do improve your security and prevent infection.

This has probaly been said before but is still worth repeating: there is no such thing as perfect security. And this applies not just to Pcs!

Now that that's out the way, lets move on and see what we need to think about to keep safe and secure while out and about on the web.

The first and most important thing to get is........commonsense! Yes, thats's what I said, commonsense. Got some handy? Good, you'll need it. Now you're thinking "this is all a bit weird - thought i was going to learn about PC security" You are - just keep paying attention!

one of the most obvious things to avoid on the internet is clicking 'OK' to a pop up. Now, you might think that's a bit obvious but many inexperinced users still do this - DON'T!!. Unless you can be 1000% sure that you know the source of the pop up and that the originator is someone to be trusted, just DON'T - This is one of the easier ways to become infected. This also aplies to pop ups that tell your that your system is already infected and if you click here you'll be able to sort the probem - you won't!! Chances are you were not infected in the first place, but as soon as you click on the 'OK' button you will be! You can find a list of rogue ant spyware programmes at Spyware Warrior - all compiled and tested by Eric Howes. Rogue or suspect means that these products are of unkown, questionable or dubious value as anti spyware protection Many will sometimes infect you just to force you to buy theier product. You have been warned! Don't click 'OK' to a pop up! Did I mention that you shouldn't click 'OK' to a pop up? This also applies to e-mail attachements If you dont't know the sender, delete the e-mail and ask questions later! If necessary make a note of the sender's e-mail address and reply with a fresh e-mail.

Some words here about a technique know as phishing. This is where you receive an e-mail or Instant Mesage supposedly from your bank or PayPal or similar institution. The scammers will use something know as "social engineering" to try and make you respond. A link to your Bank's website is usally included and you are asked to click on the link and confirm your account details. Never click on any such links! You will be taken to a...

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