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Software Development: The Disadvantages Of Agile Methods

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Agile methods have a number of disadvantages. Discuss the disadvantages of agile methods and how those disadvantages can be managed, with examples.

Agile method is newer software development method in software industry. Until 2006, there are 17% of organizations are already using agile as their software devolvement method. Many and many organizations are getting interested and they are moving toward to adopt agile method nowadays. They believe agile methods are much more flexible and this method can bring significant benefits to their organizations, such as increasing quality, efficiency and customers’ satisfaction. However, there are some researchers found that agile method is not as good as expected. The studies suggest that there are a number of disadvantages of agile methods. In this essay, it will be briefly describe the disadvantages of agile method and how those disadvantages can be managed.

In software development project, organizations need to develop software to achieve business goals in a specific time frame. The most common methods that they use are called ‘waterfall method’ or ‘agile method’. Agile is a method that can break away from the traditional structure so the development styles can be more flexible. Most organizations think that agile method would be a better option compares with waterfall model because it is more efficient and it has a better adaptability in reality.

Although agile method has its advantages, agile method is not perfect. For example, agile method would be more suitable for a small project, but no a large project. It is because large project is often difficult to judge the efforts and the time require in a software develop cycle. (McCormick, 2012) The requirements of a project are always keep changing so there would be a high chance for a project that goes off the track.

Documentation plays an important role in software development. It provides guidelines and clarification for the development team in the project. However, agile method would reduce a lot of documentation, which means lack of documentation. (Yu, Loo, Tham & Tan, 2012)
It is a disadvantage for developers because sometimes developers could not adequately comprehend the project. (Yu, Loo, Tham & Tan, 2012) Especially for those novices developers or new team members. It is very difficult for them to join the team and understand the actual method followed to develop the software. (Sharma, Sarkar & Gupta, 2012) Therefore, developments teams could not understand the details of the project and it will cause a delay in project delivery. At this time, the development cost would be increase and it is one of the reasons why IT projects sometimes are out of budget and lead to project failure.

Agile method is relied on business involvement. It increased the responsibilities and burdens for business people. On the other hand, customers need to involve in agile method because agile method is based on the requirements that is given by customers. (Sharma,...

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