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Software Piracy And It’s Effects Essay

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Identification and Description of the IssueCopyright law are perhaps those laws which are breached the most by individual on a daily bases. This is because one might not know be informed about these law or because not much is done to enforce these law. Also some countries of the world have no Copyright laws.Software Piracy is a breach of a copyright law as one copies data contained on the medium on to another medium without the consent of the owner of the Software. When one buy a software one buys not the software content and therefore it isn't ones property. Instead one buy the license to use the software with accordance to the licensing agreement.Software companies invest a lot of time and money in creating a Software and the company rely upon the sales of the Software for it's survival. If illegal copies are made of Software the companies earns no money and could therefore be forced into bankruptcy. Software Piracy can be compared to robbing as one is stealing the goods of someone else and using it without paying for it.Up to 13 Billions dollars are lost in computer piracy yearly and in order to overcome these cost the company are force to rise the prices of their product.Brand name are properties of their respected companies and they have the right to protect their properties.Understanding of the IT background of the IssueSoftware is contained on disc or on a CD-ROM. Pirates copy can easily be made of Software on disc by copying from one disc to another disc. For CD-ROM one needs a CD-ROM burner or one copies the content onto a large hard disc and then on to a floppy disc.There are some underground bulletin boards ( BBS ) that contain pirate software. A user who logs on to one of these BBS can download Full version of Pirate Software provided one too can give something in return.On the Internet there are binary Newsgroup such as alt.binaries.warez, WWW pages and FTP sites that also contain Pirate Software. On the Newsgroup the Files are send upon request from anonymous users. As a result people who have access to the Internet can retrieve these Software Program free of charge. The person posting the Pirate software could be from a countries that has no copyright laws.These methods used in Software Piracy are hard to stop because of the fact it is done on the Internet and between individual form different counties.Buying one legitimate copy of a Software package and then offering it over an internal network so that it can be accessed by more than one individual at the same time on different computer is another form of Software Piracy.Analysis of the Impact of the IssueSoftware program is a service just like any other service the difference that this service come on a medium from which one can make copies. Software are could be judged as begin expensive but one wants them but doesn't want to pay for it or can't afford to therefore one could be judged as begin a theft.Office 97 from Microsoft required 3 years to develop and Microsoft invested...

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