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Computer Storage Material A computer can be an important part of every day to day activities in businesses all around the world and even in the home. Throughout the years computers have become more and more advanced. One advancement in computers is the increase of the storage capacity the computer can hold. One thing a person would need to know in order to understand a little about computer storage material is what the recording medium consists of. Another fact that is important is the different types of storage material. A final thing that is important in understanding computer storage is the way data is stored into the computer. When a person learns and understands these few things they can better educate themselves with the use of a computer and understand a little bit of how the computer works.The first thing a person needs to know in order to better educate themselves about a computer is; they need to know what makes up the storage material. "The recording medium consists of an inert crystal host (such as Y2SiO5), with a low concentration of rare-earth impurity ions (such as Eu³), distributed randomly within the crystal. Impurity ions at the various substitution sites have slightly different crystal-field environments, which results in small spectral shifts that are distinguishable at cryogenic temperatures" (Smart Time-Domain Optical Memory 1). Specifically timed pulses from laser beams illuminate the crystal host. Then an impurity ion senses the pulses and determines whether the pulse is constructive interference, which more absorption is present, or whether the pulse is destructive interference, which less absorption is present. A device known as the stimulated echo is used to recall information that is recorded to the crystal host. Spatially collimated bursts of laser emissions result when another laser beam illuminates the crystal host. When the laser beam illuminates the crystal it is known as the "read" pulse. When the "read" pulse occurs; "the spatial and absorption-frequency modulation of nuclear-spin population produces and temporal interferences between the emissions of the impurity ions" (Smart Time-Domain Optical Memory 1). The make-up of the storage material enables it to be written on by lasers and possesses the capability of being read. The computer can take this information and make it usable by a person using the computer.Other important information a person should know and understand are what types of storage material exists inside the computer CPU. Magnetic storage and optical storage are two examples of some storage devices inside a computer. "A magnetic disk is a metal platter coated with ferrous oxide that looks something like a long-playing stereo record but is typically 14 inches in diameter" (Capron and Williams 145). Magnetic principles are mainly what all drives inside of the computer depend upon. The computer uses optical storage as a secondary way of storage. Therefore, the primary storage in a...

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