Computer Technology And Teaching Principles Essay

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Computer technology is one the most innovative advancements in modern-day education. Technology has made its way into the world of teaching practice and principle by expanding the way we approach instruction in the classroom. We are no longer confined to pencil and paper, but have the ability to project and present knowledge in an enhanced way to capture the minds of a generation of students whose society is built around ever expanding world of computer technology.
As facilitators of learning, our classrooms are filled with students who are comprised of generation X’ers and Millenial’s. We must be conscious to structure our lessons and approaches so that we can present content in the most effective manner. Technology, in regards to principles of teaching, challenges the teacher to not only learn what the technology is all about, but to learn to integrate it effectively within the context of their individual classrooms. Teachers in classrooms across the nation struggle with computer technology, the many features, and the never-ending cycle of new devices that are bought into their classrooms daily. Because of the lack of training and severe levels of discomfort, teachers have developed a negative disposition towards the use of technology when it applying it to principle. Recognizing the noted factors, it can be resolved that we do live in an interactive world. Our job is to effectively integrate the technology in such a way that it supports, guides, and enhances learning for all parties involved.
The integration of various computer technologies have pushed designers of curriculums to modify their teaching and instructional design in such a way that they promote the essence of instant, interactive, and transferrable knowledge. Therefore, teachers are required to shift to instructional and teaching principles that are inclusive of the use of technology-related devices. It is critical that the method of making technology inclusive requires a shift in the perspective of the teacher. The technology is not to be used as a total replacement for standard principles regarding teaching. The combination of technology and principle is conducive to creating an atmosphere that assist in providing a clearer picture of designs already in place.
Understanding technology in a thorough manner, leads to a more refined conceptualization of how the combination of technology and principle come into play in the actual application portion that takes place in the classroom. Teachers can, often, be disarmed if given proper professional development that speaks to limited knowledge of the technology-based apparatus (i.e.-iPad, laptop, iPod, Droid, or tablet). A major area of emphasis critical to highlight would be the importance of giving teachers an example of other colleagues who have extensive experience in modeling teaching principle combined with technology. Thus, it will expose the dispositions and the status of the teacher’s relationship with technology as user. The...

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